Drunk man slammed woman’s ragdoll cat onto concrete walkway by its tail

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In a disturbing act of animal cruelty, a drunken man repeatedly slammed his neighbor’s senior ragdoll cat onto the concrete walkway by its tail. The cat had been with his owner since he was a kitten.

On Friday, Timmy Patrick Sawyer, 26, from Urangan in Queensland, Australia, pleaded guilty to one count of animal cruelty. According to the Courier Mail News, the 12-year-old cat’s cries of agony encouraged Sawyer to continue his torturous behavior. In August 2016, Sawyer captured his neighbor’s beloved cat and walked down the road swinging the cat by its tail while “holding a milk bottle filled with wine in the other hand.”

He continued to swing the poor cat repeatedly while hitting the defenseless animal’s head against the sidewalk; yelling “did you f****ing cat, die?” And when witnesses heard the frantic cries of the cat, and ordered Sawyer to stop, he threw the cat into a ditch.

Sawyer’s defense lawyer told Judge John Robertson his client had been a binge drinker at the time and was intoxicated. The judge described the act as “extremely cruel and just awful.”

“When you attempted to touch the cat, its last movement was to lunge at you and you backed away,” the judge stated in the Harvey Bay District Court. “It then died.”

Sawyer was sentenced to nine months in prison, but is scheduled to be released on parole on May 6.

Sometimes there is just no justice for those who cannot speak. Rest in peace innocent kitty. We are sorry that humans let you down.


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  1. Every human in this story failed this cat! The owner, everybody that heard this cat screaming in pain and especially the judge! Nine months for a sentence? What a joke. No wonder he pled guilty, he knew he’s just get a slap on the wrist! RIP sweet kitty!

  2. So his lawyer’s excuse is that his POS client is a “binge drinker”?

    That is NOT an excuse!!! It’s a great reason to lock this scumbag up for the MAXIMUM amount of time possible, and even throw away the key!

    I have no sympathy for drunks. Anyone who uses their drinking as an excuse for their vile behavior is a LIAR, because no one does anything they wouldn’t do drunk they aren’t capable of doing sober. Alcohol merely takes the brakes off.

    I really hope this b*****d finds karma, and quick.

    RIP sweet kitty. I am so very, very sorry.

  3. ????????Heartbreaking, Horrific, Brutal, Cruel, and Despicable!???????? Precious Kitty, I’m so sorry you were so horrifically failed by that evil monster sub-human. You deserved so much better. Rest in Sweet Heavenly Peace, Angel Kitty. You are now in the tender loving care of Jesus. Play and run with the Angels in Heaven’s soft fluffy clouds. You are loved and will not be forgotten. Angel Kitty, I’m praying for your deserved justice and that evil monster is prosecuted to the maximum extent! RIP Precious Angel Kitty. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  4. REST IN HEAVENLY PEACE, ANGEL KITTY. YOU ARE LOVED AND WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN.????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????‍♀️????????‍♂️????????????????????‍♀️????????????‍♂️????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  5. Binge drinker and now that is an excuse for doing this to a cat and only in jail until May? What a joke! Judges need to wake up and protect these animals rights to not be tortured. No one is saying that you have to love a cat or dog, but just leave the animal alone. But to do what this scum did, needs to be done to him and I pray he gets his in jail.

  6. Can we just kill this piece of garbage? Do we have to suffer this worthless trash to continue to live? The cat he cruelly killed was worth more than its killer ever was or ever will be! Animal abusers, child abusers and wife beaters all should be killed! We don’t need them!

  7. Five minutes with this hunk of sewer sludge named Timmy Patrick Sawyer – that’s all I need – this alkie would never walk straight again or maybe never walk again period. He is a drunken loser who I hope and pray ends up in the gutter dying a slow painful death. He deserves no less – I hope there is some animal lover there who finds him and gives him the punishment he so well deserves.

  8. There are so many monsters on the loose, it is easy to lose faith in the human race. That we all were animals! That would be a step up!

  9. WHY is this worthless excuse for human NOT serving his whole term??? He is not “cured” he will hurt another animal or maybe even a person…. this man deserves to be locked away indefinitely!


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