Dozens of neglected Shih Tzus rescued from sweltering apartment in Manhattan

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Dozens of neglected Shih Tzus were rescued from a sweltering Manhattan apartment on Monday after neighbors called authorities  complaining about rancid odors and dogs barking for hours.

According to the New York Daily News, 33 dogs were discovered in the East Village apartment covered in feces and malnourished. Ivan Paredes, 57, has been charged with animal neglect for torturing and neglecting his pets. Paredes inherited some of the dogs after his mother died, but never had the dogs spayed or neutered.

Neighbors had been calling police for years complaining about the stench and barking. One neighbor, Yvonne McWilliams told authorities Paredes had been extremely upset when his mother died and let the dogs urinate and defecate on the floor of his apartment. She stated Paredes referred to the dogs as “his children.”

All 33 Shih Tzus are now under the care of the ASPCA.

“This situation is a reminder that every New Yorker can make a difference for animals by reporting suspected cruelty to the police,” Vice President of ASPCA Humane Law Enforcement Howard Lawrence said. “Thanks to the quick response of the NYPD, these dogs are now safe and have a second chance to find a loving home in the future.”

(Photo by ASPCA and Facebook)

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7 replies
  1. Marni Montanez says:

    Wait a minute ….Howard Lawrence, thanks to the “quick” response of the police………….and yet in the middle of the story it says neighbors had been calling the police for years about the barking and smell.
    Wow! if that’s a quick response, you might as well take care of business yourself before calling the police…..

  2. Adrienne says:

    In NYC and the other boroughs, animals in apartments should have limitations as to how many pets they can have in an apartment. A lot of these people breed dogs in apartments to sell and then dump the mother on the streets or take to a shelter. There needs to be more control over the pet population and the states do nothing about it.Landlords can suddenly say they don’t allow any pets, which for many is like saying they can’t bring their child with them. Glad they got these dogs out and this man really needs help, which I hope some group can provide him. He cares but this was too much.

  3. JB says:

    First, none of them are Shih Tzu’s. But no matter what breed they are, why, when smelling these odors and constant dogs barking…didn’t someone investigate sooner??? They could have had a much better life if someone took the initiative to make sure everything was ok. These poor dogs can’t turn a door handle. The only attention they can make is barking. I hope they stick these people in a cell and not let them shower or shave. EVER!


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