Dogs died after left in hot car: Owner banned for life from owning pets

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In the city of Birmingham, United Kingdom, two dogs died after their owner left them in his car for 80 minutes while he played with his children. The dogs’ owner Julian Bradbury, 47, was banned for life from owning pets and fined on Thursday at Birmingham Magistrates’ Court.

The two West Highland terriers died from heat exhaustion on July 11, as the outside temperature rose to 79 degrees, and the terrible circumstances were caught on a closed circuit video. According to the Daily Mail, the video showed Bradbury take the lifeless bodies of his dogs, Teddy and Poppy, out of his vehicle, carried them back to his apartment and tried to revive them in a bathtub. When he realized the dogs were dead, he buried them in a field.

In court, Judge Ian Strongman told Bradbury the death of the dogs  was caused by stupidity rather than deliberate cruelty and therefore the judge’s reason the sentence involved the dogs’ owner to pay a $1,076 fine and be permanently banned from owning any pets – except for fish.

A RSPCA inspector told the judge the dogs were left in the car in full sun and must have suffered terribly. Rest in peace Teddy and Poppy.

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    • I agree with you 110% adjudge that finally gets it one of the better ones I just don’t understand why not all the judges understand the feelings of an animal. And what more the people that causes the problem they need to be accountable for their actions and the sentence was something very strong other than a slap on the hand. God Bless the people that understand the problems in this world with the animals. Rest in peace Teddy and Poppy cross over the Rainbow Bridge babies

  1. All judges should be this way they should understand the problem about people doing absolutely wrong things towards animals. No one should be just slapped on the hand for their neglect towards family cross the bridge Teddy and Poppy the rainbow God bless you one’s. that help just to save animals. And get no laws up straight


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