Woman arrested suspected of running puppy mill operation

Dogs ‘Bred to death,’ Woman arrested for running alleged puppy mill operation

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An Arkansas woman, suspected of running a puppy mill operation, has been arrested and is facing charges after deplorable conditions were discovered at her property near Lincoln. According to KFSM News, more than 60 dogs were seized from 62-year-old Debbie Cain’s property on Wednesday.

Horrible conditions at suspected puppy mill operation

Conditions as the alleged puppy mill operation were horrible. In fact, an officer who was helping with the situation called the scene “ungodly.” Carmen Nelson, Animal League of Washington County Director, is quoted in KFOR News. She described the pitiful condition of the dogs who were living at the property:

“We have witnessed a few, some do have cataract. They’ve obviously been bred to death, some of them are very old, skin issues, large mats on their body where their hair not ever being trimmed and sitting in their urine and feces.”

The charges

The operator of the suspected breeding operation is facing multiple charges, including eight counts of felony animal cruelty charges and 62 counts of misdemeanor animal cruelty charges. All of the animals were removed and are receiving veterinary care. They will be held as evidence until Cain goes to court.

Puppy Mill horrors

Operators of puppy mills are notorious for treating dogs in their care with small regard. Dogs are typically kept in small, filthy cages, and bred until their bodies are no longer capable of producing litters. Puppy mill operators consider their dogs to be a means to an end – with the end being profit.

(Screenshot of property via KFOR News)

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7 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    This breeder should be kept in a tiny cage while she is awaiting a court appearance, then back in that tiny cage. No food or water, or at the very least small amounts of food and water. She needs to be treated exactly how she treated these defenseless,helpless pups.Hope the remaining ones that have been rescued, can be adopted into loving homes ones they are cared for and treated for any medical conditions.

    Our USDA must go into every backyard breeders home and close down every facility and put these criminals in jail for a long time.


      Adrienne I totally agree with you. 15 yrs ago I had a Ch Papillon, I bred her twice, first time miscarriage, second time, nothing. so I decided to spay her. I wasn’t putting her through that again. poor little dogs. I had a MinPin for 17 yrs, great little dogs.

  2. Red says:

    I hope this low life sorry excuse for a human is in jail….not out on bond! IT does not deserve any leniency at all…lock it in a cell with a true animal lover and tell them what it did!

  3. Gizmos Mommy says:

    These type of animal abusers are no different than dog fighters. They deserve nothing because they don’t qualify as human beings because they know nothing about being human.

  4. Nancy Raymond says:

    O Debbie Cain you are so lucky I do not live anywhere near your filthy environment – I would be hunting your scumbag ass down and giving you a dose of your own medicine. ALL puppy mills should be outlawed nationally – this is just one example of how these maggots operate – dogs are nothing more than breeding machines – kept in horrible conditions, and the puppies are sick, have parvo, and sold as healthy to unsuspecting people. Anyone that wants to meet a prospective buyer in a public place – walk away – this is how puppy mills work, they don’t want you to see how the animals live, are treated or how you can find them – puppy mills are run by dirtbag human trash – and Debbie Cain is a prime example of a puppy mill operator.


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