Dogs abandoned overnight at dog park, in the freezing cold

Dogs abandoned at dog park
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Two dogs were abandoned during the night at a dog park in North Carolina. The Hillsborough Police Department has reached out to the public about the concerning situation. On Monday morning, the law enforcement agency wrote:

Last night officers heard barking coming from a freezing cold Gold Park. Upon investigation they located the dogs in these photos locked in the dog park fence.

The abandoned dogs

According to the department, the dogs are “friendly” and “well-cared for” but they were not wearing collars. The department wrote, “It appears that they were abandoned but we have no idea why. The dogs were picked up by Orange County Animal Services, we would like to locate the owner to ensure their safety.”

Many people have commented on the Facebook post – expressing dismay and anger that the dogs were abandoned in the cold. One person stated that the dogs visit this particular dog park frequently with their owner, but the name of that individual has not yet been released. Some people have expressed concern that something may have happened to the dogs’ owner.

The police appear to be following up on any leads. If the owner of the dogs is not located, the dogs will be put up for adoption after the mandatory stray hold ends.

(Image via Hillsborough Police Department Facebook page)

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