Dog tried defending himself from cruel owner

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In the Huntingdon Valley area of Pennsylvania, a dog was so abused and repeatedly beaten, he tried to defend himself. Instead his owner stabbed the dog in the face and then badly injured, thrown into a cage at the closest animal shelter.

And this is Hugo’s story. According to the Philly Bully Team Rescue, this dog’s story has become all too common. On their Facebook page, we learn more about a dog who deserved better:

“According to police reports, Hugo’s piece of sh** owner was beating him. Hugo defended himself, which caused the owner to start stabbing Hugo in the face. Hugo’s owner has the luxury of being in a hospital bed right now, while Hugo lays in a cold, damp loud kennel. He is a senior and does not deserve to die like this…”

Fortunately Hugo will be getting a new chance in life. The Philly Bully Team has committed to the dog’s rescue. On Monday, he will be transferred to the World of Animals at Bethayres where he will be assessed and his injuries addressed. After that, he will be heading to foster care. If only all dogs in similar circumstances could be so lucky.

To donate to Hugo (now named Papa) please click here.

(Photos of dog stabbed in the face via Facebook)

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17 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    Great news for Hugo. Hope he heals quickly and gets into a home where he will be loved by his new family. The scum owner who did this, needs to be criminally charged and forced to pay for his medical care which he inflicted. Then, put him in jail for stabbing his dog.

  2. Kat says:

    Stab the owner a few times anywhere the knife the lands and then throw his sorry ass in jail and lose the key! Keep him away from all animals for the rest of his life!

  3. Diana Rowell says:

    Oh my God! When are these SPINELESS, USELESS JUDGES GOING TO GET THEIR ARROGANT HEAD OUT OF THEIR MACHO ASS AND DO THEIR DAMN JOB?!? These F*****G WORTHLESS judges let these violent thugs off with almost NO repercussions for their egregious acts of violence, then this happens and it’s left up to the PUBLIC AGAIN TO PAY OUT THE NOSE TO CARE FOR THESE ANIMALS. We ought to FORCE these sub-human maggots to pay for this, not those trying to protect animals. I pray the wrath of God finds this man immediately with a violent thug who catches this pig and beats HIM until he cannot stand or see, then leave HIM FOR DEAD! I also pray the wrath of God finds the judges who go lenient on these violent criminals with a beat down leaving THE JUDGES practically dead, f*****g ass wipes!!! These judges have NO MERCY for the animals or their owners, but they’ll sure give mercy to a college MAN raping a drunk fellow student, a man who rapes a teenager REPEATEDLY, and MOST animal abusers, INCLUDING REPEAT OFFENDERS. VOTE THESE BASTARDS OUT OF OFFICE OR GET A PETITION TO FORCE A RECALL ON THEIR DERELICTION OF DUTY TO OUR COMMUNITIES.

    • Linda Lopez says:

      I agree with everything you said…judges don’t punish animal abusers, they look at an animal as if it’s a piece of trash.

    • Nancy Raymond says:

      You said it all – these brain dead judges treat animal abuse as seriously as littering on the streets which does nothing to stop human trash like this maggot from repeating their cruelty. This punk piss poor example of an owner should be sitting in a cage bleeding profusely and no one cares – I hope there is an 18 wheeler just waiting for this hunk of sewer slime in the very near future. And thankfully, the dog has been taken in by a rescue who will give him the medical attention this crap shelter did not.

    • rosiekat says:

      So true! A person who abuses an animal is one step from abusing people. First sign of a dangerous individual. It would be great if judges would be proactive and get these monsters off the street! Poor dog.

  4. pennysdachshunds says:

    I Applaud the Bully Rescue that is stepping UP and Helping Hugo!!! His “So Called Owner , needs to be Euthanized” ASAP prior to hurting anymore people or Companion Animals…

  5. Star Shelley says:

    I prayed this asshole, had nightmares for the rest of his pathetic life. He should be in jail not a hospital! So someone can beat the shit out of him. Sending prayers for this poop innocent pup. For a quick recovery and a good loving and caring home.

  6. Jan Barnes says:

    Bless you, Hugo, I will donate soon.

    By the way, many of us donate but then NEVER receive any kind of follow up!

    For example, remember “Jack, the senior dog” who was going to be euthanized without monetary help?

    How can we find out what happened? I think we deserve to know.

    Thank you very much for your help.


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