Dog trainer’s post about pit bulls sets off social media firestorm

social media outrage over FB post about pit bulls
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A social media firestorm erupted when a dog trainer created a Facebook post stating that free dog training would be offered to anyone who gave up their pit bull and got a different breed. The controversial post was made by Piazza’s K-9 Services Unlimited and shared by several other Facebook users, including Shorty Rossi, star of the Pit Boss reality series.

Sal Piazza, owner of the Central New York dog training business, told WKTV News that the post (which has since been deleted) was created after he received multiple complaints from people who said that they had problems with their pit bulls going after their children and/or pets. Piazza explained to the news agency:

“Eight or nine people, calling us with complaints that the dog’s going after their children, going after their pets, so I said bring it back to the Humane Society, get another dog, I will train it for free. So that’s where that post started from. Maybe I should have explained it better. I want the people to understand this; I’ve been training dogs for a long time. We don’t hate any breed.”

When Shorty Rossi shared the Piazza K-9 post, he voiced his outrage and concern for any pit bulls that might be returned to shelters:

“People are you serious? Piazza’s K-9 Services Unlimited is running a promotion if you return your Pit Bull Type dog back to the shelter and get another breed, they will train it for free. How can any trainer be taking serious if this is what they believe. I am actually at a lost of words of over this. Let people know not to use their services since they are asking Pit Bull Type dogs to be killed by returning them back to shelters.”

Rossi later commended people for speaking up and getting the story noticed by the local media:

“This is what happens when you come together and protest on people’s stupidity. Thanks to everyone who was involved in bringing the attention of Piazza’s K-9 Services Unlimited this got on the local news. Thanks to April Maxwell for bringing this to my attention. Let’s continue our fight to end this type of prejudice that happens all over the world.”


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  1. So you don’t discriminate of the breed of dog, Piazza’s K-9 Services Unlimited? Then why didn’t you offer to help train the Pitt Bulls in question. Not a trainer I would turn to if I was having a problem with MY dogs!

  2. I have two words for Sal Piazza and they ain’t happy birthday. If this idiot is a dog trainer I am the friggin’ Queen of England.

  3. Incompetent or he would have stated dogs returned to shelters are often immediately put to sleep. If he hates Pibbles that much i suggest he not get one for his own but respect the people that love and adore the breed. He knows nothing of pibbles demeanor, intelligence, devotion and other attributes pibbles have. Once you have a Pibble you understand the bad press given was totally false. Some bad people have trained them by torturing them (Like Michael) People are rotten, not the dog. Pibbles are the biggest love. Mush face kisses, devoted to babies and children. They often give their lives for them and us.

  4. The torturer was Michael Vick remember? Remember how he tortured his Pibbles? Some went insane. Most were rehabbed and went with loving families. Bad people sometimes who do bad things. Dogs are never born mean. It is all about how they are raised.

  5. Anyone who works with dogs and can suggest they be taken back to the shelters or to horrible dog fighting situations or rescues, should not be in the business of working with any dog. All breeds have bitten and killed and to point their finger on one breed is ludicrous. This dog trainer is truly uninformed and I shutter to think how he trains. I am grateful that there are dog trainers like cesar milan who does not give up on any dog.

    Perhaps it is time for this dog trainer to get out of the profession


  6. That man is a liar. The link below will show you the two posts he had (which has since been deleted). He also deleted his entire facebook page that if you scrolled through for the last few weeks you would see all the comments about how he is thrilled to see that “hating pit bulls and brought him better business”

    Click on link for his Original posts:

    If you don’t want to train pit bulls, fine but do not go about in such an arrogant way! He called people names, told people to “bring their pit bulls to a shelter” and then makes up nonsense lies to cover up. He doesn’t deserve to be around any breed of dog.


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