Dog thrown from car onto Florida turnpike: Remains sweet and loving

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Referred to as the “turnpike baby,” had it not been for a Good Samaritan in the Orlando, Florida area, another sweet dog surely would have died lying on the side of the road of the Florida Turnpike.


Forever Bully Love Rescue  has confirmed they are helping the dog, and she is being treated at the Crystal Creek Animal Hospital. The veterinarian staff have named her Athena.

“It has been confirmed that she was not only thrown from a moving vehicle but that she was shot in the chest several times with a BB gun,” the rescue posted on their Facebook page. “Thankfully the BB shots haven’t caused any major damage.”


In addition, Athena suffered severe road rash, open wounds and an extensive amount of soft tissue damage.

“She is in a lot of pain and unable to walk due to the damage to her paws and trauma she has endured. X-rays revealed no broken bones or internal injuries,” the update revealed.

The dog will remain in the hospital on intravenous fluids, antibiotics and pain medication. Blood work results are expected at any time.

Meet Athena here. Could any dog be sweeter?

In spite of how Athena is feeling, she continues to be sweet and loving. She has forgiven the heartless cruelty inflicted upon her for no reason. Her rescuers are determined to make sure this girl recovers and never has to suffer again.

(Photos and video via Facebook of Furever Bully Love)

To help with Athena’s mounting medical expenses, donations can be made:

Donations can be made via PayPal:

Or directly to vet at 407.203.0741
7:30 am -7pm

Donations are tax deductible

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5 replies
  1. LESLIE says:

    I’m sorry you were treated so horrifically, you are beautiful inside and out. Here’s to new beginnings…
    Milkbone kisses and tailwags from the PITTIE-ful Long Island 4pack.

  2. Adrienne says:

    Sweet Athena is in the hands of a wonderful rescue, Forever Bully Love Rescue . Lucky that they will do all that is needed so she can be adopted by a loving family. Rescues like this are the ones that deserve so much from all of us. They are selfless and do as much as they can for these animals.


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