Dog suffers third-degree burns from heating pad used during surgery

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An investigation is underway by the Bergen County SPCA Law Enforcement Division concerning a dog who suffered third-degree burns from a heating pad during surgery at the Ridgefield Park Animal Hospital.

In December, English bulldog, Cooper, underwent ACL surgery and has been suffering for the last three months, according to the dog’s owner, Cris Repoles. The head veterinarian had been treating the burns as skin allergies, but when the red bumps began to blister and bleed by the middle of January, Cris took her dog to another vet who diagnosed the lesions as burns.

According to the Ridgefield Park Daily Voice, the veterinarians at Ridgefield Park Animal Hospital, have not seen nor heard from Cris since January –  days after the surgery and have offered to recheck Cooper and treat him at no cost to his owner. Dr. Paul Kim explained the burns originally presented as red patches and raised bumps. In some cases, he stated, burns may not look like burns for weeks.

“There is no doubt we would have suspected a burn on Cooper at the time the [above] photo was taken. But earlier with just raised skin and redness, we didn’t. And the only way to tell would have been a biopsy.”

The veterinarians stated the heating pads are always covered with a towel and were surprised the temperature rose to 103.5F; this having been the first time in many uses over the past eight years it has ever caused any burns to a patient. The heating pad has since been replaced with a blanket called the “HotDog” which has three temperature settings.

(Contributed photo screenshot via Ridgefield Park Daily Voice)

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6 replies
  1. Marni Montanez says:

    I would be so angry too. What about checking the dog underneath the heating pad during surgery or anytime a heating pad is used? That is common sense.

  2. Nancy Raymond says:

    Apparently Ridgefield Park Animal Hospital has some incompetent and irresponsible staff who due to their act left this poor dog with horrific burns which some idiot vet diagnosed as skin allergies – exactly what rock did this so called ‘animal hospital’ look under for employees – a bunch of idiots for sure. Cris Ropeles should sue the pants off this dump – they are at fault for Cooper suffering before a competent vet saw these lesions as burns. This place needs to be closed down as they are a danger to any and every animal.

  3. Red says:

    Good gosh….is there no where we can feel safe leaving our pet? Groomers are abusing and killing dogs, vets are shooting and now burning animals, shelters are putting them to sleep instead of releasing to other rescues who offer to take them, spa’s and daycares are abusing them……
    THESE PETS ARE OUR FAMILY MEMBERS!!! Why are people working with animals who have no patience or don’t like animals!!!


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