Dog struck with machete just for being homeless

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In the southernmost tip of Texas lies the Rio Grande Valley. Known to be an area where irresponsible owners toss their dogs aside,  the homeless and frightened dogs scavenge for scraps of food. Ironically the dogs too often pay the ultimate price with their lives – for having been abandoned by the families they loved.

A crew of dockworkers at the sea port have engaged lately in a brutal, inhumane practice. The men are slashing the dogs with machetes. Had it not been for a compassionate worker on Sunday morning, Merlin’s story would have already ended. When the Good Samaritan saw the dog, she rushed him to the nearest veterinarian.  She didn’t know what else to do. That doctor reached out to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC and asked if they could help.

Merlin is now receiving the best of care, however his injuries almost “severed him in two.” He will be undergoing surgery.

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(Photos of Merlin via Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

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17 replies
  1. Julie Enos says:

    A bunch of monsters they need to be jailed don’t people know that if a person would hurt an animal the next step is abuse or killing of humans

  2. pennysdachshunds says:

    Just Reading the HEADLINE I KNEW was TEXASS before I even opened and read the content… OMG the RUTHLESS AND NO ACCOUNT CRUEL DIRT BAGS in that State that actually garner so SADISTIC PLEASURE out of Maiming, Torturing, and Butchering helpless animals ( dogs , Cats, horses, donkeys, mules, ponies ) is beyond belief.. this little guy is so very lucky for the wonderful woman that rescued him….

    • Nancy Raymond says:

      Yes, I did neglect to commend the kind woman who rescued the dog AND of course, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC once again comes through.

  3. VICKI HOOD says:

    Who is getting away with this machete crap? We need to demand prosecution. It is against the law. Animal cruelty is against the law and this cannot go unpunished. The poor baby suffered so. RDR NYC is awesome to help like they do–CONSISTENTLY.

  4. Melissa Gurley says:

    Why would you way to do that to that poor dog this needs to stop where are the police in all this let just let them get away with it so sad

  5. Adrienne says:

    Machetes to brutalize dogs in Texas. Not surprised since the machete is used by those in MS13 gang members and others of that kind. Texas is one of the worst states for abandoning animals and there are so many on the streets that even rescues have to prioritize who to save first. Where are the politicians in these states as well as Governors? They know what happens on a daily basis yet do nothing to control the abandonment and eventual deaths of these poor animals.

  6. pennysdachshunds says:

    Dockworkers!!! Nothing Better to do I guess than maim and torture!!! You must NOT GIVE a healthy POOP about LIFE!!!!! Hope some Evil individual feels the same about “U” who are doing this and you end up cut in half with NO ONE to Help ” U’ while you suffer and bleed out!!!

  7. Nancy Raymond says:

    Another prime example of the total inhumanity that is allowed to continue in the state of Texas – there should be cameras installed at Rio Grande Valley to catch these miserable bastards who abandon and abuse these innocent animals – Texas is one frigging state that is so piss poor in animal welfare and apparently authorities there just allow it to continue and turn a blind eye to the cruelty that goes on and on and on. This state is the absolute pits.

  8. Debbie says:

    Sounds like someone needs to pay these worker a visit. Stick that machete where the sun never shines. Sick sorry scum ignorant lowlife bottom feeding useless parasites. Wth is wrong with people. Have demons invaded? It seems there is a concentration of them in Texas. Someone needs to get this situation under control! Hunt them down!!!! They Have to be stopped!!!! This has to end but it won’t until people start doing something on their own!!!! Take them out!!!!

  9. Joyce McCarty says:

    What would the dogs of Texas do without Rescue Dogs Rock, NYC? bless this woman for saving this poor pup and thank you again Rescue Dogs Rock NYC for again coming to the rescue.


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