Dog severely injured after having been kicked

Dog severely injured at foster home
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A homeless dog suffered severe injuries while being cared for at a foster home in Marion, Iowa. According to the Last Hope Animal Rescue, five-year-old Tilly suffered a ruptured spleen and head injuries after the man fostering her allegedly delivered a vicious kick.

The rescue agency recounts the incident

The rescue group alerted its Facebook followers to the cruel situation:

An incident occurred Saturday, September 15th, involving a Last Hope Animal Rescue foster dog. The dog suffered injuries consistent with blunt force trauma and was rushed to Eastern Iowa Veterinary Specialty Center. The dog, Tilly, a 5 year old female Staffordshire terrier mix, was admitted with internal bleeding and head trauma. Emergency surgery was performed, Tilly was found to have a ruptured spleen that required removal.

The alleged abuser

As reported by The Gazette, 61-year-old Dennis Greene has admitted to kicking the dog. He is facing a charge of animal abuse, an aggravated misdemeanor and he could spend up to two years behind bars if he is convicted.

The rescue group statement

Amanda Rushton, Last Hope Animal Rescue’s dog intake coordinator, told the news agency:

“Everyone in our organization is just reeling. We work so hard to save animals and rescue them from bad situations and to have one of our dogs end up in a bad situation, right in our own backyard, is horrifying.”

A request for help

The rescue group hopes to see Iowa embrace stronger animal cruelty laws. The organization stated:

“Animal abuse in Iowa remains a simple misdemeanor and we rank 49th in the nation for our animal protection laws. The 2018 Iowa Legislative session presented the opportunity to improve companion animal cruelty laws, however the session ultimately ended with bill SF2181 not being passed. The bill was supported by the Iowa Veterinary Medical Association, several law enforcement leaders and county attorneys who regularly deal with animal abuse and neglect cases. In-spite of the bill’s explicit focus on criminal neglect and abuse of non-livestock animals, it was ultimately undermined by commercial dog breeder and agricultural interests.


How can you help? Contact your local state representative and state senator and let them know your disappointment with Iowa and their handling of companion animal protection laws. Animals in Iowa remain unnecessarily at risk of abuse and neglect for yet another year, ask them to improve laws and make this a priority for next year’s session.

Please use this link to find your local representatives:

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  2. Forget about jail time just deliver a kick that ruptures his spleen.
    Guaranteed he won’t try that kind of shit again
    punishment needs to fit the crime

  3. Any severe injury to a dog should be mandatory jail time as well as it being a felony charge. Not enough states take animal abuse seriously enough and this man is a prime example of who should not be allowed to foster. I believe most foster/rescue facilities do make sure the people fostering are reputable, but sometimes they are not. This is a prime example. He should be made to pay all medical bills for this dog.

  4. Iowa’s pathetic lack of abuse enforcement and consequences of substance are abysmal: Send this faux”foster” felon to ME, and I’ll assure you his “rehabilitation” will guarantee he’ll never even CONSIDER this heinous abuse – ever again!

    Prayers for precious Tilly’s complete recovery….

  5. I live in Marion, Iowa, and I wish I knew where the POS foster lives. Last Hope is a very good organization. Yes, the animal cruelty laws in Iowa suck. Dennis Greene needs to have the crap kicked out of him.

  6. Something looks odd with Tilly’s backside, just saying if that her in the photo he did more than kick her. KARMA will come calling for this sub-human the sooner the better what a creep. Heal Tilly praying you get a real loving furever home

  7. Will he be on a list to never have another animal at this time or ever in his life, This man should give Tilly his spleen an then be in prison a long time but in Iowa he will probably have another dog soon,

  8. I pray the wrath of God finds Dennis Greene, 61 of Marion, Iowa with a beating thats leaves Dennis Greene BLIND and CRIPPLE FOR LIFE! Eye for an eye, if Iowa won’t do anything because their corrupt government is taking payoffs to limit the reach of law enforcement, then God WILL! I further pray dear God that You find the those who paid off Iowan officials to KILL the bill and those corrupt officials in the Iowa State Government with the SAME EXTREME fear, EXTREME violence, and NO protection from the law, BUT a 1000 fold worse. You reap what you sow corrupt, evil ass wipes! YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW.

  9. It’s about time Iowa came out of the dark ages. This moron who calls himself a foster parent deserves nothing less than jailim, plus he should have to reimburse every cent spent on this poor dog’s medical expenses and care right up until she’s healthy and moved into her furever home. He should also reimburse the rescue for every bit of the cost of supplies allocated for the Tilly’s foster care time at his residence, and never be allowed to own or work it’s any animal ever again. Thoughts and Prayers for Tilly to heal and fully recover and find her genuine furever home.


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