Dog recuperating after someone shot her with an arrow

Dog recovering after someone shot her with an arrow
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A dog is recuperating from horrible injuries after someone shot her with an arrow. The dog, dubbed Ms A, has been taken under the wing of PAWS of Bryson City in North Carolina.

What happened?

The rescue agency recounted the injured dog’s situation:

Beth Cline-Stroud, (Executive Director of P.A.W.S.  Placing Animals Within Society of Bryson City NC) was headed to Maggie Valley to set up for an adoption event in Maggie Valley when she got the call from shelter staff Jesse Fortner that someone had called about a dog running around with an arrow through it’s body.   The good Samaritan said the dog had shown up on his porch the day before with the arrow and then the next morning was still lying under a bush in his yard.

The rescue group went to search for the injured dog, but she was not found until the following morning…by the time she was discovered she was “barely hanging on.”

The veterinary care

The injured blue heeler was taken to REACH Veterinary Specialists in Asheville; she will remain at the veterinary hospital until she is strong enough to continue her recovery at a foster home. Donations are being collected to help with the thousands of dollars of veterinary expenses for Ms A’s care. Click here to access the fundraiser.

Dog shot with an arrow

Anyone with information about this cruel situation is asked to call the Swain County Sheriff’s Office.

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  1. When the “good Samaritan” first saw the dog on his porch, why didn’t he call someone THEN? No ignore the dog and hope it will go away? The dog needed help then and although it’s commendable they called at all (they were probably worried the dog would die in their bushes), action should have been taken immediately! I hope and pray the poor dog will be ok and they find the monster that shot her with an arrow.

  2. I hope the *^%#+ who did this to you is caught and punished! It would be nothing but justice if he/she was made into a “pincushion” with arrows.

  3. What possesses these scum to harm an animal like this.What pleasure do they get from doing this to an animal? These people need to be found and locked away forever. If they can harm a dog this way, what’s to stop them from doing the same to a family member or stranger? Hope they can find out who did this.

  4. Another “ethical” hunter. Even if they’re caught nothing happens to them because they claim they mistook that dog or cat or human or bear for a deer. It doesn’t matter if they’re illegally on private property or not, they always get a pass AND get to keep their hunting license.

  5. YOU would think a Person would be more concerned about helping the Flood Issues down there INSTEAD of Killing and Maiming Animal’s in distress!!! Maybe this Puke had time to RUN down to a FAMILY DOLLAR and Loot it or a SPORTING GOOD STORE so they could try out the NEW GOODIES they STOLE!!! The STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA has ALOT of “People” with a lot of Issues !! YET YOU see SO MANY CARING RESCUES , VOLUNTEER”OUT ALL HOURS of the DAY & NIGHT in FLOOD WATERS UP to their Chests HELPING SAVE Dogs, Cats, Horse, Farm Animal’ that the EVIL have just Walked away and left!!! There are many ! many COMMENDABLE SOUL’s TRYING to SAVE WHAT THEY CAN!!!I hope for the very best for this little dog!!!


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