Dog protecting his homeless owner dragged away by Animal Control

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A dog protecting his homeless owner on a Manhattan street, after a stranger  openly antagonized the dog,  was dragged off to the Animal Care Centers of New York City on Monday. The pit bull, named Red, barked to warn the man to back off, but when he started to poke around the homeless woman’s encampment and tease the dog, Red bit the man on his leg.

According to the New York Post, Red’s owner, Gezel Faines, 55, stated her beloved four-year-old dog had been tied to a scaffolding  next to the spot where Faines lives on the street when the man approached and became disruptive and rude.

“The guy came over here and started messing with stuff. That’s the only time the dog would jump out. He’s doing his job. If you’re touching my stuff, he’s gonna’ grab you,” Faines stated.

Red’s owner said the man had been trying to steal her bread, cake and peanut brittle. By this time a crowd had gathered and tensions had mounted. Red who was defending his owner, grabbed the leg of one of the harassers and then bit someone else. That person refused medical treatment, but Red was arrested and is currently on a mandated ten-day rabies quarantine hold.

“I was crying my eyes out, because I thought they were going to put him down. But they said, ‘Don’t worry, Gezel. You can come get him, because he didn’t do any harm,” Faines said.

Katy Hansen, Animal Care Centers spokesperson, explained that Red will be quarantined as standard procedure and then evaluated by the Department of Health for behavior and temperament.

 “The 10-day hold is to ensure that the dog does not have rabies. We will work with the owner to make sure they understand all of this.”

People in the area have never heard Red bark or show any aggression. Faines has been with Red since her son gave him to her when the dog was just five-months-old. Let’s hope Red gets the chance to show he’s really a good canine citizen and be released back to his mom.

We will be following Red’s story.

(Photos via screenshots from Twitter from the NY Post by Gabriella Buss)

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23 replies
  1. Pamela Bolton says:

    Red should go back to his owner regardless. He was only doing his job. Arrest the harasser for stealing personal property. Make sure Red is in good shape for her. Their lives are hard enough

  2. Beth says:

    I certainly hope someone will work as this woman’s advocate and liaison to ensure she gets her dog back. I don’t trust that the “shelter” will do right by her and the dog.

  3. Betty says:

    just because you have some asshole people that shouldn’t be doing what they are doing
    Now the poor pup have to pay and I hope they get him back
    We all know how New York works This I don’t like ??(then evaluated by the Department of Health for behavior and temperament.)
    They killed so many pitbulls

  4. Barkley's Mom says:

    I hope Red will be released back to his owner but even if he is how much compensation is the shelter going to expect for her to get him back? I’m sure they aren’t going to hold Red for 10 days for free!. I’m glad Red bit the POS trying to steal from a homeless woman, how low can you get. I hope you will be watching this story, It will be interesting how it plays out.

  5. Adrienne says:

    Since a dog cannot talk and tell that scum to leave his “mom’s” stuff alone, what he did was what any dog would do-protect his property and his owner. I hope the ACC of Manhattan follows through with what they told this homeless woman and return her dog to her and how to deal with things like this in the future. They better not kill this dog or put him down. I will follow their website to see how Red is doing. A loyal dog should not be killed because of this.

  6. Mary says:

    She better continue to check on the dog, and make sure it is not put down. These things tend to happen “accidentally”. Hopefully, they will give the dog back and not charge her boarding fees to get it out.

  7. Carolyn Allen says:

    Give her back her dog! The man should have let her stuff alone. Red was just doing his job. Its dangerous on the streets, especially for a woman FREE RED!

  8. Marni says:

    what about arresting the man who harassed her and her dog? This is wrong. If a dog is barking at you because you are invading his owner and property you will be warned, which Red did and then if you don’t stop all they have is a bite to protect those they love. If she had a gun and shot him instead because he was invading her, then would she be arrested.

  9. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    I hope Red gets a chance. He did nothing wrong. The individuals that interfered should be charged with burglary. Please let him go back home.

  10. Red says:

    I pray this baby is given back and not destroyed because he is a Pit……..
    SOMEDAY people will have to realize that there are NO BAD DOGS…… only bad humans.

  11. Nancy Raymond says:

    I have about as much trust in NYCACC as I do Donald Trump which is NONE! Red is NOT the criminal here, it is the asshole who was routing through this lady’s belongings – and yet Red is in animal jail for protecting her. This is not justice in any way. NYCACC is notorious for putting animals down daily and Red, being a pit bull has no chance in this hell hole. Red best be returned to his owner which is where he belongs – not in the hands of this crap so called ‘shelter’. GIVE RED BACK TO GEZEL FAINES – get him out of this dump.

    • PetMom says:

      Red is not yet safe!! He is not publicly adoptable and is rescue only. He is still listed as of Thur Mar 1 morning but the “shelter” will kill him if a rescue doesn’t step up. This is do unfair to Red and his homeless mom. Red is all she has (had).


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