Dog nearly slipped under car wheel as owner dragged pooch in downpour

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A dog nearly slipped under the car wheel on Sunday as his owner dragged the pooch with a leash out the window of his vehicle in the pouring rain for “exercise.” With the vehicle’s flashers working, the dog struggled to keep up along the passenger side of the silver SUV. The disturbing video, filmed in Puebla, in the Mexican state of the same name, showed the dog nearlybeing dragged down the street.

According to the Daily Mail, the driver of a car behind the Toyota, videoed the clip and shouted to the dog’s owner to pick the dog up and put it inside of the car. The dog owners ignored the man and continued to “exercise” the dog. The witness did get the license plate of the owner and persisted in trying to help and rescue the tired pup.

“Let the dog in; it is getting wet. I am telling you to put the dog in and you refuse. It is getting hurt; the dog cannot carry on much longer…”

The dog looked exhausted and almost slipped under the front car wheel. The vehicle finally stopped, and a man got out to walk the dog in the rain. Hopefully a police report was filed and this cruelty will be investigated.

(Photos via CEN freezeshots from video)

To watch the video, please click here.

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6 replies
  1. Marni Montanez says:

    Good for this good samaritan who actually did what police should be doing.
    I wish I had the police email. I would send the info out and ask people to email the police with this story.

  2. Pamela Bolton says:

    Raise HELL till the owner is found and charged with cruelty. Then tie a leash around his neck and make him run beside car “ for exercise “ until he drops. Only fair. Then ban him for life from being around any animal.

  3. Nancy Raymond says:

    Thanks to someone who cared enough to chase down this idiot driver – this poor dog needs to be taken away from this douchebag of a human whose common sense is located in his ass. And nothing will be done, this is Mexico where animals are routinely treated like disposable objects.

  4. Red says:

    Some people are just too damn stupid to be entrusted with a pet. Stupid AND LAZY …………oh my Lord…they could have killed this baby….. she was trying to stop forever and they were dragging her. Hopefully this dog will be removed from their idiotic lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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