dog shot and abandoned with toys

Dog lovers outraged – dog found barely alive after being shot and abandoned with toy

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Washington dog lovers, part of a Lost and Found Facebook group, are outraged that someone shot a dog and abandoned her with a toy. Photos of the dog, found barely alive in Roy, were posted along with an explanation about the heartbreaking discovery:

Posting on the off chance she was stolen or hoping someone saw something suspicious on 8th ave S in Roy last night or early morning…

If this is your dog, I hope you rot. I want you to know that the bullet you put in her head didn’t kill her, that she layed (sic) in that field all night in pain, bleeding, terrified, and freezing.

According to the person who posted about the gravely injured dog, a good Samaritan pulled over after spotting what appeared to be a dead dog and discovered that the dog was still clinging to life. The person who made the posting wrote:

I’m curious to know what kind of twisted person you have to be to drive out into the middle of nowhere, walk your dog out on a leash, give her a toy, shoot her in the head and then… drive away.

Please share in hopes that someone saw something or recognizes this poor thing.

The dog’s fate

According to the person who made the post, the dog is receiving veterinary care and may survive. As reported in the Facebook group, the Tacoma Humane Society is providing funds for this dog’s veterinary care – make a donation here.

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This dog is oh so very patient

Does anyone care about a 16-year-old dog without a home? 

Just a cute pig, enjoying a treat


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  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    A psychopath and will NOT STOP with this POOR little dog>>> I HOPE She CANE BE SAVED & that someone Knows and Reports who did this….

    • David says:

      A psychopath unless very young and I doubt it did not do this, A dog would give his life for its owner, They are very special Animals, And I would loose no sleep doing the same thing to this sick Bastard.


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