Dog jumps off five-story garage to rescue his bonded friend who just fell

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A dog jumped off a five-story garage parking lot in a South Lake Tahoe resort to save his bonded companion who had just fallen moments earlier.  The dogs had been playing while the owners had been removing their ski gear, when for some unknown reason, the one dog, Comet, jumped off the garage and fell five stories below.


According to the City of South Lake Tahoe Government, moments later, the other dog, Titan jumped to rescue his bonded friend.

South Lake Tahoe Police Officer Sgt. Travis Cabral responded quickly.

“… the dogs got excited and were running around. One of them ended up jumping over the embankment that protects people from falling over the top and the other dog followed,” Cabral stated.

Sgt. Jason Cheney and Officer John Spaeth transported the dogs to an emergency veterinarian.


And when Sgt. Cabral heard the cry that the dogs were seriously injured, he stopped at the vet and gave them the information what had happened – the vet decided to stay open to treat the dogs. Titan, the black Lab had fluid in his lungs and along with the other officers performed CPR until the veterinarian was able to assist. Unfortunately he did not survive.

Comet also suffered a collapsed lung, broken femur, fractured vertebrae and a bruised heart. He is showing improvement, but is not out of danger. Donations towards his care can be made directly to Sierra Veterinary Hospital at 775.358.8555.

(Photos of dog that jumped off five-story garage parking lot via City of South Lake Tahoe)

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  1. A better headline for this article would have been “irresponsible and idiotic owners let their 2 dogs run around off leash on a 5 story parking lot roof and they both jumped off, as dogs could easily do.” one dog died, presumably after experiencing a ton of pain, and the other is fighting for its life. What a totally preventable waste of these poor dogs lives.

  2. The owners of these 2 Dogs who were tragically injured are not capable of taking care of
    Animals. They should be stopped from ever owning Dogs again. The Dog that jumped to save his friend had more focus and compassion that these narcissists. If they were KIDS-
    would they have been so reckless? I also sad for TITAN, who never should have died. I deeply
    hope that COMET survives and is adopted into a home that will love and take care of him


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