dog's head trapped in block wall

Dog got her head stuck in a block wall

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A dog in California managed to get herself hopelessly stuck in a block wall. The dog, named Luna, was wedged in the blocks and her owner had to call for help from people professionally trained to handle unique and seemingly dire situations.

Saving Luna

The Lathrop-Manteca Fire Department posted images of the “service call” to its Facebook page on Wednesday. The department wrote:

Yesterday the #LMFD received a call for help from a resident that her dog (Luna) was stuck in a block wall. Engine 32 arrived on scene and the Captain immediately requested Rescue 30.

With the help of an animal control officer from San Joaquin County, and a pinch bar and sledge hammer, the block around Luna’s head was enlarged and rescuers were able to pull her free.

Luna afterwards

Amazingly, Luna is fine following her harrowing ordeal…though her owner, Kerri, has reported that Luna seems to be a bit “embarrassed” by her escapade.

(Lathrop-Manteca Fire Department images)

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A beautiful bond…


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