Dog found dead after Delta flight – family wants answers

Dog found dead after Delta flight
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The family of a dog named Alejandro wants answers after their dog was found dead following a flight on Delta Airlines. According to ABC News, the Pomeranian departed in the cargo hold of a Delta Airliner out of Phoenix, Arizona; the plane landed in Detroit, Michigan for a stopover.

What happened?

The little dog was reported to be alive upon his arrival in Detroit. According to TMZ, before Alejandro could be placed on the connecting flight to Newark, New Jersey, he died. The couple who owned Alejandro has secured a lawyer. Attorney, Evan Oshan, provided details about what is known to ABC News:

“Alejandro was checked on. He was fine. Then approximately at 8 o’clock and 8:30 in the morning, the dog was again checked on, he was dead, and there was vomit in the cage, according to Delta.”

Additional information needed

It is unclear why the dog died during the layover so Delta Airlines has offered to pay for a necropsy which will hopefully shed light on the cause of death. The airline provided a statement about the sad situation to the news agency:

 “We know pets are an important member of the family and we are focused on the well-being of all animals we transport. Delta is conducting a thorough review of the situation and have been working directly with Alejandro’s family to support them however we can. As part of that review, we want to find out more about why this may have occurred to ensure it doesn’t happen again and we have offered to have Alejandro evaluated by a veterinarian to learn more.”

Not the first dog death on an airplane

Earlier this year, a French bulldog died in the overhead storage bin of a United Airlines flight. Following the dog’s death, the airline set forth new restrictions for the transportation of pets.

(Photo of dog who died on airplane)

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  1. My big ?: why wasn’t this dog inside the passenger area as an “under the seat traveler”? This is a tiny dog. Easily could travel in the main cabin…..

    I have sat next to dogs on flights due to other passengers refusing to be near them. IMHO, these dogs were better behaved than 90% of the children (& I would prefer being next to a dog over a screaming toddler EVERY time I travel)!!!

  2. Sue the sh*t out of Delta and every other airline that is responsible for killing pets! Find the most savage, relentless attorney you can find and go for it!

  3. There needs to be better methods of transportation of our furry members of family. No longer are dogs and cats just an animal in our home, but a part of our families. Smaller dogs have breathing issues and maybe that is what happened especially if the dog was given food. How many dogs are transported in cargo hold per flight? If a layover, maybe the dog needed to be walked to get fresh air not what is in the plane. Hope the necropsy will help determine exactly what this precious little dog died of.

  4. Why was this dog not inside the cabin? Poms should fit in a carrier under the seat. And why the hell not book a non stop flight.
    Airlines failure. Owner failure.
    RIP little one you served better.

  5. Another crap airline whose only concern is themselves – Well Delta, join United as two lousy examples of air travel for animals. Something happened to Alejandro within one half hour and all Delta is doing is giving the usual lip service. Someone is responsible for this tiny dog’s death – he should have been in the passenger compartment, not stuck in cargo like a piece of damn furniture. Alejandro died and Delta is responsible – I hope this family sues the shit out of Delta – this little dog perished because of some form of neglect and/or irresponsibility. Not the first time for Delta either.


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