Dog abandoned in clothing donation bin

Dog found abandoned in clothing donation bin

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On Friday, a decidedly cruel situation was discovered by a good Samaritan outside of a shopping center in Spring Lake, North Carolina. According to the Cumberland County Animal Control, someone abandoned a live dog inside of a locked clothing donation bin.

The details

The abandoned dog is described as a tan and white pit bull – she was discovered inside of a donation bin located outside of the Cedarwood Shopping Plaza, at 105 Lillington Highway. The donation bin was secured and the local police had to cut a lock off to reach the dog, who was described as “responsive” but weak and dehydrated.

Officials are certain that the dog was placed into the box and that she did not climb in on her own. The dog appears to be about two years of age and she was wearing a blue collar with bones on it. She does not have a microchip or identification tags.

The dog and the investigation

The abandoned dog will be held for three days to see if an owner comes forward – if nobody claims her, she will likely be placed up for adoption. Anyone with information about the dog, or this situation, is asked to call Animal Control at 910-321-6852 or the Spring Lake Police Department at 910-436-0350.

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6 replies
  1. Tracy Vaillancourt says:

    Surely they won’t even consider give this poor girl back to the owners? I don’t care whether or not they are the ones who put her there. If she got loose and someone else did it a $3.00 tag should be on her collar.

  2. Adrienne says:

    If a pit bull, wonder if she was to be used for fighting and didn’t pass test, so they dumped her literally. Hope this poor dog finds a family to give her the love and attention she deserves.

  3. Betty says:

    OK the video of another pup
    My mistake
    The laws need to be change on cruelty on animals
    Too many people get away with a slap on the hand


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