Dog finally free from ‘unimaginable cruelty’ in Georgia

Dog survived unimaginable cruelty
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“This is as bad a case of neglect and probable abuse as I have seen in my 35 years of practicing veterinary medicine in South Georgia.” The words of the veterinarian caring for a dog who was recently rescued from “unimaginable cruelty” reveal the depth of suffering endured by a dog named Liam.

Liam lived in a deplorable situation for years…and most everyone turned a blind eye to his obvious suffering. By the time that Liam was rescued, his body was a road map of pain endured and an existence of suffering. According to the Guardians of Rescue, Liam is one of many dogs in Long County, Georgia, who suffer from blatant neglect while animal control officers refuse to step in.

The rescue group stated, “Accountability is lacking in this Long County! Ironically, a commissioner of the County was recently charged in an alleged case of animal abuse of two malnourished horses, as well as a recent DUI charge!”


“In Liam’s case, the so called owner has been suspect for a long time for wrong doing, including dog fighting. Animal Control has been aware of this property for some time. They refused to remove any dogs until they were recently forced to and subsequently several other dogs from the property miraculously vanished. Where are those poor animals? The owner has NEVER been cited or warned for neglect and abuse. He has been living a life unfettered by laws that are supposed to protect animals.”

Liam is free from his life of blatant neglect and cruelty, but his suffering has not yet ended because his body is a mess from years of zero care. An exam revealed that he has “chewed up” ears which are painfully infected. His body is covered in scars and open wounds and he is infested with fleas and hookworms. Most of Liam’s teeth are broken and need to be removed and it is suspected that he may be blind because his eyes are abnormally small.

Dog survived unimaginable cruelty

Imagine for a moment this dog’s ongoing misery – day in, and day out, living in horrific, filthy conditions, without sight, and without love or companionship. The reality is almost too much to comprehend. Though it will take a considerable amount of time, Liam will start to feel better – for likely the first time in his entire life. Support Guardians of Rescue’s efforts at this link.

The Guardians of Rescue believe that criminal neglect, abuse and dog fighting are underway in the county and they have asked the public for their assistance:

“Anyone that that has any information regarding the Long County, GA Animal Shelter and it’s employees please contact us directly at 888-287-3864 or email [email protected]. All information is strictly confidential. This is only one of several disturbing cases that we are currently aware of. Your help is crucial!”

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  2. The owners and police officers should all be in prison! Why isn’t the FBI arresting these corrupt officers and public officials?

  3. Local, state and federal government need to do their jobs and find these scums who use dogs like Liam to make money for them. Local police on the take with these dog fighters and the state officials just let it continue. Stricter laws that must be enforced and these scum, including police who don’t do their, should also be thrown in jail. Dogs like Liam should be a national disgrace to their state and this country. Call any politician to voice your concern about dogs like Liam. Wish him a wonderful life and hope they can find the other dogs who were removed.

  4. OMG…… this poor precious dog. I just want to hold him and let him know there are some HUMANS in the world who love and are compassionate. Unfortunately, he has been surrounded by low life, scum who are disguised as humans. Only a monster could look at this poor suffering soul day in and day out and not do a damn thing to help!

  5. I am soo DISGUSTED!! Liam was def used for dog fighting broken teeth done by owner. Scars open wounds all over !! Ears soo infected!! OMG!! Almost too much to bear! PLEASE PLEASE MAKE SOMEONE BE RESPONSINLE!!
    These people are so uneducated and just scum!
    Please update…

  6. Everyone involved needs to be Exterminated!!! What kind of Lowlife Scum does this to an innocent dog??
    They should all be EXPOSED- names, addresses and pictures!!!

  7. Thank you Guardians of Rescue for getting this dog to safety. He most definitely deserves a chance at a real life with love and TLC in it. The picture is so hard to look at. I hope we will see an update on him when he is feeling better. God bless all that took action for this dog and the others.

  8. The Federal Government needs to step in – Long County, GA is and has proven itself to be staffed by dogfighters, dogfighting promoters, and animal abusers starting at the top from commissioner to cops to animal control – they are all guilty of this horrific abuse – look at Liam’s face – nothing but cuts, scars and total neglect. Apparently the state of Georgia is full of red neck inbreds and needs to fire everyone and start over. This situation is dire and to allow this to continue only shows Long County is staffed by criminals – WAKE UP!!


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