Dog shot in the face during home invasion

Dog fighting for her life after being shot in the face during home invasion

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A dog is fighting for her life after being shot in the face while inside of a cage at her home. According to Maryland’s BARCS Animal Shelter, the pit bull, named Lenna, was shot during a home invasion on Sunday.

The animal welfare agency wrote:

Animal Control was called in by the Baltimore City Police Department to the scene of the invasion where they found a brown and white dog lying still in her crate. She was alive but in a large pool of her own blood. Police reports stated that Lenna was secure in her crate during the incident, minding her own business when she was shot by invaders.

Lenna’s condition

BARCS described Lenna’s injuries from the bullet:

At first, the ER had difficulty finding the origin of the wound because Lenna was bleeding so badly. Once they stabilized her, X-rays revealed that Lenna was shot in the mouth. The bullet went in her lip, shattered two teeth, damaged her tongue, then went through her throat and tonsils and was lodged next to her vertebrae.


Lenna had emergency surgery to remove the bullet, but her condition is still considered guarded due to the severity of her injuries. The name Lenna means “Heart of a Lion,” and we thought that name was fitting for such a brave and strong girl.


Anyone hoping to support BARCS as they get Lenna the life saving care that she needs is asked to make a donation to the shelter’s Franky Fund at this link.

The Franky Fund saves the lives of animals with extraordinary medical needs and emergencies. This fund is the lifeline for injured, sick and abused animals in Baltimore City.

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Lucky to be alive!

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Simply magical

2 replies
  1. Sue says:

    I dislike crates very much, and especially locking dogs in them, whether you are home or not. In this case, the dog was a sitting duck. And what if the house had caught fire?

    When people get dogs, they need to put more thought into the comfort, happiness, and safety of the dog. Would you lock any of your other family members in a crate?

  2. pennysdachshunds says:

    It WASN”T ENOUGH to invade the home, steal any & everything Your EVIL hearts desired::: You Ruthless, Evil, Moronic, Barbaric Bastards Had to SHOOT the harmless and helpless dog to Achieve your Desired, Euphoric, Feelings of Power … May Each and Every ONE of YOU go DOWN in a Blaze of Bullets!!! The Best Christmas Gift the City could have… YOU GONE!!!!


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