Dog fighters broke Charlene’s body – rescuers hoping to restore her battered spirit

broken body and shattered spirit
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A pit bull in Louisiana was denied the chance of living a good life. Instead, she was subjected to unimaginable cruelty which left her body broken and her spirit battered. The broken pit bull has been named Charlene and right now good people are working to mend her body and save her shattered spirit.

The heinous life she endured

Charlene is in the care of the St. Landry Parish Animal Control & Rescue. The animal welfare agency introduced Facebook followers to the abused dog on Saturday morning and provided a glimpse into the hellish existence she has somehow managed to survive:

Thrown in a pit to lose. Her head beat with a pole to break the bite. Her nose hit over and over to release. Her body covered in scars. That echo PAIN.
Her eyes barely capable to focus any more from BLOW AFTER BLOW to her head. The word *RELEASE* brings her to her knees in fear. Her leg broke and the bone EXPOSED. Her ribs bruised from ‘kick after kick’.

Healing Charlene’s heart

Veterinarians will work to heal Charlene’s broken body – to help her bruises fade and her bones mend. But it will take time and patience to salvage this battered dog’s broken spirit. Prior to being rescued, the people in Charlene’s life subjected her to pain, again and again. They hurt her more than any living creature should ever be hurt. They never showed her kindness, or compassion.

The denial of anything good in her life is heartbreaking. Charlene did nothing to deserve the cruel treatment she received – she is a dog like any other. A dog who was born to love people – a dog who wanted nothing more in her life than to be someone’s friend.

The animal welfare agency wrote:

Charlene can not focus on me….Due to past pain…due to A HUMAN. Hitting her time and time again to *Release* Yet pitching her in a pit to FIGHT. To school. OVER & OVER


Please consider making a donation to the veterinary hospital which is working to heal this abused dog’s body. Donations can be phoned in to the vet team at Bellevue 337-942-7126

Or directly to the animal control agency:

[email protected]

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Endearing friends

Pure sweetness

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  1. I’ve got a permanent cure for dog fighters – execute them. No forgiveness. They prey on those who are not able to defend themselves. As such they deserve to be executed. Just put a bullet between their eyes. Or preferably throw their maggot asses into the ring with a bunch of dogs that will then attack them. That would be Poetic Justice. Sell tickets too!!!

    • Me and nearly a thousand of my growing network are ready to help.
      A bullet..which I also have plenty of…would be wayyyy too kind.
      Better the assholes receive 100 lashes, then just leave to die of septic shock, needs to be public…there needs to be a clear and concise message sent.

    • Agree! No mercy for those abusers. Would love to see them get same treatment and left for dead. Who cares if those abusers die or suffer rest of their lives?

  2. Gizmos Mommy said it all and unfortunately our judicial system would not allow that to happen although these vile creatures deserve that and more. The police in that area know who the creatins are that have fighting events and need to arrest everyone involved,throw all of them in jail forever. Our politicians must address this horrible abuse of animals now. It has been going on too long and no end in sight. Contact your rep. to demand they have stiffer penalties for those who do this to animals.

    • Here’s an idea…since the cops love to shoot people
      Why not let them go ham on these bastards that do this kind of shit…. it would make for a great target practice for the cops down there.
      They are just too stupid to have even thought about it yet…
      Maybe if someone whispered in the ear,instead of turning a blind eye

  3. Quite Frankly I think of Landry Perish as A “Cesspool” of despicable , Evil, and Drug Infested Blight to the State of Louisanna !!! The Law enforcement Turn their Backs in this Area and walk away … What can be done to curtail this when there is Such a Big and Thriving Business Opportunity for all involved and Who knows just how far up this Demonic and Criminal Activity Has Risen in the Level’s of the Government of this State!!!!

  4. This is so appalling. For everyone thinking this will turn out to be wine and roses, forget it. Charlene is serving the purpose of raking in donations, in most cases, donations outweigh the vet bills. Perhaps she is being kept alive during a pending criminal investigation. Unlikely, knowing how Louisiana defends animals in their judicial system. Louisiana is the horse abusing capital of the country. The humane thing for this poor tortured soul is to end her suffering. She will end up being euthanized in the long run, because no one will adopt her. You can’t just give her to any Tom, Dick, or Harry who walks in the shelter. Reprogramming a fight dog isn’t easy, to say the least. It will take a highly dedicated, dog savvy responsible person, in an environment with no children, no other pets. It’s beyond a long shot. There isn’t an abundance of those people. This poor animal is destroyed, physically and mentally. There won’t be rainbow after the storm for Charlene and her “rescuers” know it. That’s the part they don’t tell you while they’re tugging at your heart strings, how it will end.


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