Dog fighter charged with starving and abusing dogs guilty of 214 counts of cruelty

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A Polk County, Georgia dog fighter, charged with starving, abandoning and abusing  nearly 100 dogs chained up in the woods, has been found guilty of 214 counts of animal cruelty. Devechio Rowland was found guilty of 107 felony counts for dog fighting and 107 misdemeanor counts for animal abuse.

According to the AJC, in 2017, the Polk County Police Department received an anonymous tip about starving dogs kept on a property off Cashtown Road. That afternoon the police posted on their Facebook about the tragic discovery:

“Currently on scene of one of the worst animal cruelty of animal cases we have ever seen. Somewhere around 60 to 70 dogs…It’s hard to count; they are just tied to trees throughout the woods. None of these dogs are vicious. I have petted every one of them myself,” Chief Kenny Dodd wrote about the emaciated pit bull mixes discovered.

The dogs had been chained around trees. For the lucky ones, they were able to sleep in large plastic barrels flipped on their sides. No food or water was available, but every dog’s tail wagged as the deputies approached. Many of the dogs showed evidence of having been involved in dog fighting, Local rescues helped in rescuing the dogs, rehabilitating and treating them at veterinarians and preparing most of the dogs for future adoptions.

Rowland is scheduled to be sentenced on May 15.

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Video of when the discovery was made and how friendly these dogs were:

Posted by Polk County Police Department on Tuesday, August 29, 2017


(Photos of dog fighter and dogs involved via Polk County Police Department)

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Dog breeder who starved dogs has been sentenced to jail – read more here.

Dog breeder ordered to jail

20 replies
  1. Gizmos Mommy says:

    Fucking maggot bastard. Bet the puke worshipped MV the notorious football playing SOS who still slithers around. I could care less if anyone doesn’t like me for saying all dog fighters should be skewered and chopped up or preferably thrown in a wood chipper. Since they aren’t human beings, who gives a shit what happens to them. And I will also add — any woman who knowingly fucks one of these inbred paragons of filth, is lower than the idiot she screws. And if any woman is involved in this savage, barbaric endeavor, may she rot from the inside out. Better yet – send them to me and I will dispense REAL justice.

    • Nancy Raymond says:

      Dear Gizmos Mommy: I agree with you 150% – this hunk of garbage deserves a date with the wood chipper and I would be honored to put his slimy butt through it. Every scumsuck dog fighter should be forced into one.

    • vicki hood says:

      To Gizmos Mommy, I respect you and your opinions more and more. I always agree with you 110% I remember reading about your Gizmo and the afflictions which made you love him even more. Good soul.

      • Gizmos Mommy says:

        Thank you Vicki. Dog fighting assholes make my blood boil as do all animal abusers. I am now raising Poppy who is brain damaged and crippled as well as mostly deaf rescued from an abusive situation. I couldn’t love her more. She has made more progress than I ever dreamed possible. She has given me so much in return.

    • Animal Advocate says:

      Love your opinion. Totally agree! Wood chipper idea is excellent! They probably do worship MV. Really burns me up that SOB gets a news casting job and was allowed to play football again after serving time! Should have got the death penalty and not by lethal injection. Governor Deal needs to bring back old Sparky! Fry their asses, but starve them first. This goes to every animal abuser , child abuser, rapist , serial killer. Most of them start off by abusing animals! Break the cycle- give them the death penalty! I don’t care what nationality, religion, ethnicity, abuse is abuse. No VIP treatment in the slammer

  2. Adrienne says:

    Gizmos Mommy said it all. I agree 100%. We need to just do away with people like this who will never change. A terror to our communities and children.He should be given hard labor in prison and wish he could have died rather than live in jail. Make sentences for scum like this even more severe so somehow it will deter others from doing this to dogs.

  3. Red says:

    I have no sympathy at all for anyone who dog fights, trains or attends. Also, IF ANYONE KNOWS of this sick perverted abuse and they do not report it…..I have no sympathy for you either!
    To see these beautiful, sweet animals so scarred, scared, starved is just gut wrenching. I hope the monster DEVECHIO ROWLAND is found by karma and beat to a bloody pulp…. then thrown in jail to rot.

  4. Marni Montanez says:

    This is the only time I have the potential of being violent. Dog fighting rings are filled with people who are cowards. They would be pulverized if they got into a fighting ring. That’s the sport I shall create. Animal abusers must fight each other until they are broken and bleeding; just like what they make these dogs go through.

    • Animal Advocate says:

      I totally agree. Let the public watch snd place bets – all monies raised go for animal advocate groups. Since he won’t get the death penalty, maybe he’ll get “offed” in the slammer like Jeffrey Dahmner. Most of these animal abusers end up as serial rapists, mass murderers. Break the cycle ! Utilize the death penalty in all states and not by lethal I use, way too humane. Starvation First and old Sparky. Wouldn’t mine taking them for a “ride” in the back woods of Ga. These cowards are normally scared of the wilderness! We have a lot of rattlers, feral hogs and gators that could use a little good during the droughts!

  5. susispot says:

    I hope this vile waste of oxygen is served appropriate justice for this inhumane, evil cruelty he made this poor dogs suffer.

  6. PAMELA D says:

    Another useless POS who needs to be tortured, rot away and die. This ugly ass bastard needs to be tortured and hope he has fun locked up with a bunch of animal lovers. Any filthy scumbag who can look at the condition of these dogs and fight them to make money off of them is down right sickening. Rot with cancer and slowly die you useless fucked up bastard. Hope you get raped in your cell.

  7. Jill Morra says:

    There must be a strong no kill advocate group that can rescue dogs on death row at the main kill shelters in the U.S. Right now the NYCACC has 2 dogs that are risk for euthanasia the other is in Texas and one in California the Devore shelter ? Why people are bringing healthy dogs to the kill shelters seems like a conspiracy against the dogs and people who love dogs and against pitbuls the owners should be specified to bring healthy dogs to a healthier place no kill I never see postings about surrendering a pet to a good shelter for readoption people need to be motivated more by what is posted we see a lot of heartbreaking stories that I wish there was more undercover to find out who the abusers are and where the abuse is happening the dogs are suffering because we can’t find out soon enough to get to them ! Through the court house property records has listings of real estate that has a very large back yards enabling a person to keep a large number of dogs it may provide some tips of where cruelty may be plus our government should begin posting signs in the towns about suspecting cruelty there will be fines and jail time !

  8. Diana Rowell says:

    Local people in these communities ought to quit calling law enforcement, band together and catch these devils one night in the middle of a dog fight and open fire on their sub-human maggot asses with assault rifles and KILL EVERYONE OF THESE BASTARDS, BECAUSE THE LAW AND THE SPINELESS JUDGES WILL DO NOTHING BUT LET THEM GO, only to BUILD ANOTHER DOG FIGHTING BUSINESS. Bet law enforcement would have something to say then, eh? BTW…lame, corrupt officers and judges: you can’t do anything to anyone if EVERYONE KEEPS THEIR MOUTH SHUT because no evidence, no one talking equals NO CHARGES. How do you like that?


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