Dog dragged behind bike and then beaten looks forward to better life

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A dog dragged behind a bike, and then subsequently beaten with the bike until he collapsed and became unconscious has been rescued and will never suffer again. On Wednesday evening, the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue were called to help the shepherd mix now named Justice.

“We received a call about this poor dog that witnesses said had been being dragged behind a bike by a cord until he lost consciousness. After the dog lost consciousness the perpetrator then stopped the bike and began beating the dog with the bike. Thankfully some kind residents intervened and saved the dog from his abuser and then called us. This dog is now in critical condition and we are rushing him to a Veterinary hospital for emergency care.”


Volunteers jumped in to help providing Justice with life saving emergency care.


“He is currently receiving medical care at Center Line Veterinary Hospital. He has hair loss all over his back from being dragged and he also appears to have a bullet lodged in his side. He is an older boy around 7 or 8. He has been given pain meds and he is on fluids,” the organization posted on their Facebook page shortly after Justice’s rescue.

By Thursday morning, Justice has already shown marked improvement. He has no broken bones. His latest photos tells this boy’s story.

The rescue organization has met with authorities. There is an active investigation and an arrest is hoped to be made soon.

To donate towards Justice’s care please click on or call Center Line Veterinary Hospital at 586-758-5620 to make a donation.

Get well soon Justice.

(Photos and video of dog dragged Detroit Pit Crew)

More news and updates on the National Pet Rescue Facebook page.

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  1. After he is arrested, the police need to do the same to him and drag him behind their car and see how he does. Also give him a bullet in his side like he did this dog. Nice punishment, but won’t happen, but he needs to be in jail and must also pay for this dogs treatment whether he has all that money or not. Make him work until he pays off this dogs care.

  2. Perhaps when found we tie this person to the back of a motorcycle and drag him , then lock him up , he will get beat in jail.

  3. God bless you, Justice, and all rescuers and caregivers!

    Run over the sick bastard with an assortment of vehicles! Better yet–is there a train track nearby?!

  4. OMG!!! WTF??? Who the heck could such a cruel, cruel cruel act to this sweet baby??? Thank Detroit Pit Crew for saving him! Police need to get on this case an fast to prosecute this individual who seems to be an idiot to say the least! My prayers will go out to this doggy!! Get better an may u find a 4ever good an loving home!!!

  5. PLEASE make a concerted effort to locate this hunk of human trash – don’t bother to arrest him, just tie his useless ass to the back of a police car, turn on the siren and drag him until he is nothing more than a grease stain on the road – he will do this again if not found and given a dose of his own medicine – I have no problem seeing this punk die a slow painful death.

  6. Please find the vile creature…disguised as a human who did this!! What in the world could have been a reason for this horrible abuse!


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