dog and puppies found in freezer

Dog and puppies found in freezer, wrapped in plastic

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Horrible conditions were discovered by authorities this week at a Canton, Texas, property – according to the SPCA of Texas, filthy living conditions, as well as a dead dog and nearly a dozen puppies, were found during a seizure at an alleged puppy mill. One dog, and 11 puppies, had been wrapped in plastic and were in a freezer at the property where the alleged puppy mill was operating; dozens of “cruelly treated dogs” were also found.

In a release, the animal welfare agency stated that the dogs and puppies were found living in feces-filled wire crates, with no access to food or water. Several nursing mothers, with litters of puppies, were discovered in small, plastic and wire crates, stowed away in a closet. Other dogs were found roaming the feces and urine-filled home.


The SPCA of Texas stated that the owner of the dogs acknowledged that the dogs at the property were being bred and sold for profit:

“The animal owner let investigators know that they were selling the dogs for profit.”

The shelter took custody of the seized dogs and transported them to the Russell E. Dealey Animal Rescue Center in Dallas – the dogs will be examined by veterinary staff and cared for until a custody hearing takes place. Donations for the ongoing care of the seized dogs and puppies can be made at this link to the animal shelter.

(Images via SPCA of Texas Facebook page)

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16 replies
  1. Helen says:

    These puppy mills are disgusting. Its about time legislation is passed to ban all puppy mills. Public can help by not buying puppies in pet stores. Find your best friends in shelters or rescues.

  2. Stephen Phillips says:

    BURN THAT BAST*RD: Prosecute for felony animal abuse and seize all his assets to cover veterinary care and expenses!

  3. Nancy Raymond says:

    This is another excellent reason for the US government to outlaw ALL puppy mills – this should be a federal ban, not a state to state ban – and with this horrific cruelty being in Texas it is also another prime example of the miserable lack of animal welfare laws. These poor animals were victims of criminal humans who used them only for profit and sold them to both private unsuspecting humans or pet stores who did not care and are as guilty as the puppy mill trash. ALL pet stores in every state should be required to only get animals from shelters or rescue groups. These blatant acts of cruelty and abuse perpetrated by human trash needs to be ended permanently. I hope Texas wakes up and prosecutes the operator of this hell hole – they should be in jail for at least 10 years mandatory.

  4. Jo Gurule says:

    That owner should be fined and prisoned on all counts per animal! Also commmnity Service where she will shovel wastes from all animals in several shelters for at least 1,000 hours!!

  5. Adrienne says:

    I agree with everything Nancy wrote. Must be federal law to outlaw puppy mills and mandatory jail sentencing for all involved. She said it perfectly. Can your state/federal reps. regardless of party, and demand that this must be a federal crime and done now.

  6. J. Martin says:

    The EVIL POS cocksucker .. that did this needs to FUCKING DIE. First they need to be tortured .. real slow and PAINFUL …. make that last. Then just execute them

  7. Red says:

    WHY can’t puppy mills be dealt with!??!? WHY can’t they be closed down? This torturous treatment by LAZY A** PEOPLE TO MAKE MONEY OFF OF precious, innocent animals is absolutely horrible! I hope that they perish for eternity in hell for all the pain, loneliness and abuse they inflict on animals!

  8. vicki hood says:

    What great replies. I agree with all and wish i had said that. this is just one more for prosecution, elimination of puppy mills. no more adds on Craig’s list or amazon, calling Texas a craphole for pets and all animals, poor government practices when it comes to animals.

  9. vicki hood says:

    My next click said REPORTED AS SPAM. Facebook? We have reports of your control when you are favoring certain views and eliminating others. That is cheating and eventually, you will suffer from public actions. Your greed is showing. You see, we advocate everyone FOLLOW THE MONEY.

  10. susispot says:

    Vermin..that is the only name that comes to mind when I ask myself, ” Who can walk by a caged animal and feel nothing for their suffering?” Hang the &%#$(@*&’s.

  11. Jan says:

    The laws definitely need to be updated and changed to protect the pets. Defendants should be responsible for any monies that occurs after a seizure of the animals, lifetime ban on caring for any kind of animal. Please ban puppy mills in every state.!


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