Dog allegedly sodomized by university professor has a new home

Dog sodomized by professor has a new home
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A dog who was allegedly sodomized by a university professor has been adopted by a new family. According to the Lansing State Journal, the seven-year-old male basset hound went to his new home on April 12.

The depraved crime

The dog was the victim of a depraved act of cruelty. The man accused of sexually abusing the dog is identified as 51-year-old Joseph Hattey, a Michigan State University health physicist. Hattey allegedly “penetrated the dog with both his hand and penis.” The victimized dog was seized from Hattey on March 8.

Bestiality repercussions

The professor was arrested earlier this week – he is charged with two counts of sodomy for committing a crime against nature (bestiality). If convicted, Hattey could spend up to 15 years behind bars.

A new life

The abused dog went to a foster home before being adopted to his new family; no abnormal behavior was noted in the dog and his new owners are aware of his sad past.

(Stock image of basset hound via Pixabay)

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  1. He deserves every bit of that 15 years! This also shows that sickos and perverts who commit rape against helpless animals aren’t the stereotypical farmers and sheep and / or ignorant a***s, but are people from all walks of life and of all types. There’s just no excuse for what he did: rape is rape. When your victim CANNOT fight back, you’re worse than a criminal and should get the maximum with no chance for a lighter sentence.

  2. SICK BASTARD LOCK HIM UP AND LET THE PRISONER’S TORTURE HIM FOR YEARS! Just goes to show one never knows the demented minds of sub-humans that walk among us every day, everywhere… Thank God, the pet is now in a SAFE, HUMANE LOVING HOME!!!

  3. WTF is wrong with people that they feel compelled to stick their hand and genitals up a dogs anus? My God, draw and quarter this freak in order to be done with his twisted sub-human ass.

  4. I hope this asshole gets the same treatment in jail. Low life idiot . So glad to hear this sweet pup has a new home.

  5. 15 years in prison and forever in “hell”! I am confident he will be given “a special place” in both! It’s a pretty safe bet he’ll get “real good samples” of what he did to his innocent defenseless dog!

    In the meantime, God bless and keep this precious dog and all of his rescuers! A taste of heaven has already begun for you, little angel dog!

  6. The sick bastard likes sodomy .. HE hopefully gets PLENTY of it done on HIM!!! Bet it won’t be as fun then.
    Disgusting POS I sure hope you get the MAX sentence and your days are filled with inmates doing that to YOU!

  7. This sicko may have a degree in higher education but he sure proves a degree does not mean you have anymore intelligence than a high school dropout. Joseph Hattey is nothing but a rapist – just like a child rapist – to abuse those who cannot defend themselves, and have no voice. I hope the judge who has the authority to ensure this maggot get his full sentence of 15 years has no problem giving it to him. Let the predatory inmates victimize him – see how he likes it. So glad this dog has been adopted and now is in a safe environment.

  8. Hopefully he will get the same treatment when he is cellmates with big bubba. May he get penal cancer low life scumbag. This is a mentally deranged person anyone that does such is deranged.


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