Dog and her 3 puppies die in horrific fire

In Cantonment, Florida, a dog and three puppies died in a horrific fire behind a home. According to a neighbor who posted the disturbing video on social media, the fire broke out at a home on the 600 block of County Road 97 burning the dogs kept in a flimsy wooden structure.

The fire was started by an electric space heater that was being used to keep the animals warm. Laura Gunn Catterton described the heartbreaking scene on her Facebook page:

“1/01/18 6 PM – Worse thing ever!!! Dog burned to death right behind our yard. omg! HORRIFIC Puppies burned to death too. Fire Dept here. I heard the dog screaming. I climbed over fence but couldn’t save them. Mama dog in outside cage on stilts. OMG! Waiting for Animal Control.”

And she waited:

“UPDATE 7 PM – I talked to ACO on call. He wouldn’t even go in the backyard to document the dead dog/puppies. They’re calling it an accident. Apparently, an electric heater chord (sic) caught on fire that was inside the rickety cage on stilts, igniting something. NO CHARGES AGAINST OWNER. Never leave heaters unattended. The owner doesn’t even live there but comes over to feed his dogs. He has 3 litters of puppies in the 4 chain link kennels next to the burned out cage on stilts. He’s a BACKYARD BREEDER. Those pups have barrels for shelter but my GOD, it’s going to be so cold tonight. I told ACO the pups have no food, SEIZE THE DOGS TONIGHT. Nope, can’t do that. No laws broken. OMG- I’m furious.”

Laura has been filing affidavits on this neighbor for 13 years and contends the neglect continues.

“The ACO on call told me to go into AC tomorrow to file an affidavit, but I know it will go no where. I’ve been filing affidavits on this neighbor for 13 years and the neglect continues. All his dogs used to be on chains 24/7 but he *loves his dogs*I took lots of pics and got video of the cage burning (you can’t see the dog in the video.”

According to Animal Control, puppies living outside in 20 degree temperatures did not constitute animal neglect.

“This has been one of the worst nights of my life and the owner will not be held accountable for the agony and suffering mama dog and pups endured. Pray for the remaining 3 litters outside in the kennels tonight – wind chills about 10 degrees.”

On Tuesday morning, citations were issued to the dogs’ owner by Animal Control. The man was ordered to bring the surviving dogs indoors and has a mandatory court appearance. The surviving puppies were not removed from the home.

Rest in peace sweet dogs. We are so sorry you have suffered.

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(Photo of dogs died in horrific fire via Laura Catterton)

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17 replies
  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    THERE is something seriously WRONG with the Animal Control in the town of CANTONMENT!!! Nothing worse that burning to death ( other than starvation) which these poor animals are probably doing also!!! Good God Almighty !!! This neighbor Laura Gunn Catterton has BEEN DOING her best to get theses animals saved and is ignored by the “VERY OFFICERS that are SUPPOSED to be HELPING ANIMAL”S IN NEED””” !!!! What the help the whole Animal Control from the top down needs to be Cleaned out immediately … and an INVESTIGATION from an outside agency initiated !!!! IMMEDIATELY PRIOR to MORE NEEDLESS DEATHS!!!!

  2. Kristine says:

    If the owner doesn’t live there then someone needs the steal all the remaining dogs & puppies & find them good living homes. This COULD HAVE BEEN PREVENTED in so many levels especially if the neighbor has been filing complaints for 13 YEARS!!!! SMFH

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    Accident? Accident waiting to happen more likely, who in their right mind leaves an electric heater in a cage like this? I hope they are put out of business! Those poor, poor dogs! And what is wrong with animal control in this town? 13 years of complaints and they don’t even want to investigate just call it an “accident” They quite obviously don’t give a hoot about animal welfare!

  4. Red says:

    Sounds like a monster back yard breeder to me. WHY HE IS NOT BEING HELD RESPONSIBLE? NO one with a brain the size of a pin head would leave an electric heater unattended?!?!?!?!?

  5. Adrienne says:

    HSUS and all other so called animal organizations that supposedly try to protect animals, should be contacted and this man forced to shut down his backyard breeding facility. Local politicians and even state leaders should know what is going on with these scum who try to make a buck off these animals. Stiff fines and even jail time for convicted backyard breeders so they can’t continue doing this. TV statitions, facebook, any way you can get this guy and others like him out of business and in jail where they belong.

  6. Darla says:

    All the dogs and pups need to disappear and soon. Can the Aspca or Peta help? Who is the mayor or governor and can we flood their offices with emails, calls a petition?

  7. Debbie says:

    All of the dogs & puppies need to be removed from that property… the neighbors, check to make sure he takes them in, but if he doesn’t live there is there any heat in the house…..theses dogs need to be taken to the shelter where they will be warm, fed & watered…..backyard breeding has to stop…

  8. Nancy Raymond says:

    This is no owner – this is a scumbag backyard breeder who deserves to be living in the piece of crap of an enclosure – another example of the lack of action by authorities who have continued to allow this maggot to keep the remaining victims of his cruelty. This bastard should be sitting in a jail cell and ALL dogs confiscated – what the hell is wrong with Florida? Are they waiting for the rest of these dogs to be victimized? God I HATE people.


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