DNA results on wolf-like creature

DNA test results back on ‘wolf-like’ creature killed in Montana

The DNA test results are back on a “wolf-like” creature who was killed by a rancher outside of Denton, Montana, in May. According to CBS News, though there was a great deal of debate about what the animal really was, DNA testing definitively proved that the “creature” was in fact a gray wolf.

Why the speculation?

There was tremendous speculation about what the animal truly was – photos implied that the legs were too short, and the ears too large, to fit the specifications of a typical wolf. Before the DNA results were in, people surmised that the animal might be a wolf/dog hybrid…there were even outlandish claims that she might have been of a werewolf.

In a release, the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Department wrote:

Confusion about the animal might be due to the condition of the animal and the photos, which seemed to show short legs and big ears. Inspection of the animal at the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks wildlife health lab in Bozeman revealed a relatively normal looking, dark brown wolf.

The tests were conclusive – the Department wrote:

The lab compared the animal’s DNA with thousands of other DNA samples from wolves, coyotes and dogs. The conclusion was clear – this animal is a gray wolf from the northern Rocky Mountains.

Legally killed

The rancher legally killed the female wolf on May 16 – it is legal to kill wolves if they are believed to be a threat to livestock. The wolf was between two and three years of age – weighing in just under 85 pounds.

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  1. Dodi Livergood says:

    Since when is it legal to assume an animal is going to be a danger to livestock? He admitted she was not attempting to harm them when he shot her. He should be in jail!!


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