Disturbing Snapchat video showed men toss kitten in frying pan and kick it

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After a disturbing Snapchat video was shared online around the country involving two men who toss a kitten into a frying pan and then kick it and throw it around the room, the Gardai (State Police of the Irish Republic)  have launched an investigation.

According to the Independent, the incident occurred in Cooraclare, Clare on Monday evening.

“Garda in Kilrush are investigating an incident of offences against animals. Two males have been questioned in relation to the incident which occurred in the early hours of the 13th August 2018.”

The video showed one man put the kitten into the frying pan and then kick it and throw it around the room while the person filming the disgusting act can be heard laughing in the background. My Lovely Horse Rescue updates Colin the kitten’s condition:

“We are delighted to give you an update on the little baby girl kitten, Colin, who was abused by young men in Co. Clare two nights ago:

Colin has been under 24-hour veterinary observation and is doing well. Colin’s family have acknowledged that it is best, at this stage, for the kitten to be taken into foster care, and they have agreed to surrender her to My Lovely Horse Rescue.

Colin’s family also stated that they were shocked by the behaviour of the young men in their house on the night of the incident.

My Lovely Horse Rescue would like to thank everyone who helped bring Colin to safety and to highlight this incident of animal cruelty.

Our amazing friend and fellow rescuer Catriona.
Meghan Ryan – Ennis Veterinary Clinic
Second Chance Animal Rescue in Clare
North Dublin Cat Rescue”


Kilrush Gardai confirmed a file is being prepared for the DPP and they are taking the cruelty to Colin very seriously.

Everyone wants justice for this baby girl.

(Photo and video via My Lovely Horse Rescue)

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3 replies
  1. Gail Calhoun says:

    The people forfeited this kitten to a rescue in the hope and interest of seeing no more trouble from the law. I hope the police still arrest them for proof is in the video of the abuse. This is all the proof the law needs unless it believes also like the abusers everything is O.K. now. If they arrest, they are trustworthy to up hold laws, if the police let the criminals go they are just uniformed criminals themselves. Truth. Also the criminals should have a rescue donation to pay for animals food and up keep. Abused animals eat a lot of special foods, medicine, etc.

  2. Jan Barnes says:

    Wow! Thank you, My Lovely Horse and Kitty Rescue! God bless you, all!
    As for the abusers–hope they fry on earth and in HELL!


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