Discarded like unwanted trash, dead pit bull found wrapped in a blanket

unwanted dead dog discarded like trash
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A life cruelly snuffed out, and then discarded like unwanted trash, was discovered on Thursday in a garbage can in Pennsylvania’s Lower Swatara Township. The dog, a pit bull whose ears were cut off, is believed to be the victim of dog-fighting, reported Friday’s Press and Journal.

Whoever dumped the dead dog wrapped him up in a colorful blanket before throwing his body into the trash near a wooded area off Richardson Road, near the Hollywood Motel and the Penn Harris Gun Club.  Lower Swatara police Detective Robert Appleby commented on the sad discovery, “It’s a heartbreaking thing to see, an animal that has suffered in that manner.”

This dog’s life did not matter – aside from the potential for dirty money by the individuals who decided to throw him into the ugly world of dog-fighting. The authorities are hoping for a break in the case. The dog is described as a black pit bull, with no ears. He weighed between 50-60 pounds and had a bit of white on his paws and chest – when he was found, his body was covered in scratches and bite wounds.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to report it to  717-558-6900 (tips can be left anonymously).

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  1. WHEN are authorities going to step up and make this horrific cruelty a HUGE FELONY that puts these bastards in prison for a lifetime? It seems everytime a dog fighting ring is found, the dogs are confiscated, and the dog fighters are given a slap on the hand. This is NO SPORT – it is animal abuse at its highest level. No two years in prison, ten years no plea bargin – mandatory ten years 1st offense, twenty years 2nd offense, and life after that. Didn’t authorities who have the power learn anything from that maggot named Michael Vick – who showed the world the vile world of dogfighting and what happens to these innocent animals?

  2. those people who fight dogs, should be put in a pit, and fight amongst themselves for about a year or so. they are more vicious than the poor dogs.

  3. Find and destroy all these fighting rings throughout this country. Jail all who are involved and arrest police officers who are on the take with these dog fighting rings. Animals suffer at the hands of these heartless scum who only think of the money they get. This needs to be nation wide sweep for the DOJ and could even help with mass killings for as we well know, those who do this to animals, go on to commit crimes 0f murder.

  4. Drop an atom bomb on all the major cities of the U.S., and all of this dogfighting, drug dealing, gangbanging, etc. would cease to exist.

  5. More effort needs to be made to shut down these horrific dog fighting rings and put the scumbags who run the operations and profit from the dogs’ horrendous existence in jail forever. If it was up to me, I wouldn’t waste taxpayers’ money, just put the dirtbags six feet under and may they burn in hell!

    RIP sweet pup, no more pain, you’re free to run and play.

  6. Anyone who knows about this poor animal and does not report what you know……… you are as useless as the person who is responsible for this atrocity!

  7. Well it tells people that dog fighting is going on around that area find these people this is sick and cruel and they don’t care


  9. Nobody seems to care that there are dog fighting rings in every state, some are caught but they need more than just a slap on the wrist! RIP baby, you are free now


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