Disabled dog abandoned on street in Argentina

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Lunita, a medium sized, disabled, female dog was abandoned on a street in Salta, Argentina in the early morning hours of May 2014. She was tied to a railing on theside of a dog grooming store.

There was a note left stating her name, age, and that she didn’t belong to the person leaving her and the note. The person also stated they couldn’t keep her. There was no other information.

Lunita was lying face down on the sidewalk when she was found; her hind legs still attached to a dilapidated wheelchair. There was no food or water left with her.  One of the female employees working at the dog grooming salon noticed her. The employee contacted the rescue organization, “LUBA Salta” and two of their volunteers came to get Lunita.

Lunita was placed in a foster home while her information was posted online in the hopes of finding an adopter for her. A family from the United States offered to adopt her and a fundraiser was started to pay for Lunita to be flown to the U.S.

Unfortunately, things did not go well for Lunita in her new adoptive home. Her family was not knowledgeable on the proper care of a handicapped dog and ended up neglecting her. When she was removed from that home and sent to a new foster family in another state, she had urine and fecal scalding all over the lower half of her body. She was also underweight; weighing a mere 35 pounds.  Her new foster mom took her to a canine dermatologist who took pictures of all her sores and infected lower area.  Lunita was diagnosed with a very bad staph infection which was a result of a severe case of mite infestation (Mange).

The infection, mange and urine scalding caused Lunita to lose all her hair from the waist down, including her tail.  She also had a severe urinary tract infection and was in so much pain, just wiping her bottom and private area caused her to yelp. It took a lot of effort, medical visits and medications to heal all her conditions.   But eventually she rebounded.

The second family she went to has had for over three years now, and Lunita is quite a happy dog, affectionate dog. Lucky Lunita just celebrated her 11th birthday on June 15, 2018 with her American family.  Her Facebook page was filled with heartfelt birthday greetings from around the world. Everyone who heard her story fell in love with this spunky girl who has come a long way from the streets of Argentina.

Lunita is an amazing example of resilience of spirit. She overcame what appeared to be unsurmountable odds with her handicap. Today she is living a very happy life, which includes daily wheelchair walks and stroller walks with her mom.

Although Lunita has healed from her previous injuries and health issues (growing to a health weight of 55 pounds) her medical care is still costly each month.   Her monthly antibiotics, diapers, baby wipes, incontinent pads, homeopathic medicines, acupuncture, and dog cookies total $502.00 a month.  This does not include vet expenses. Lunita would not have come this far if it weren’t for the help of donors and sponsors who heard her story and immediately stepped in to help.

Lunita continues to need donations to keep up with her monthly medical bills.  Donations  can be sent through the Angel’s Choice Foundation. They are a registered charity that handles donations for many different rescues. It is important to mention the donation is for Lunita so it doesn’t get mixed up with other rescues.

Angel’s Choice Foundation has a Facebook page

And can also receive donations through Paypal at angelschoicenl@gmail.com.

For updates and photos of Lunita, visit and like her Facebook page “Lunita’s Wish”.

Lunita’s wishes are quite simple; to stay with the family that loves and cares for her, continue to get the medical care she needs each month and to enjoy the good life every dog deserves.

Help make Lunita’s wishes come true.

(Photos of disabled dog via Facebook)

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  1. hereNancy Raymond says:

    That first ‘foster’ family should be charged with neglect – Lunita was entrusted to them thinking they would care for her but instead they allowed her to suffer greatly. Thank God she was again rescued and her second foster family stepped up and due to their wonderful care she has recovered. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUNITA – may the remainder of your life be one of happiness, caring and love – you so well deserve it.


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