Coyote kills family dogs in their own fenced in yard

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In Bradenton, Florida, a family arrived home last weekend to find their four dogs had been killed in the family’s fenced in backyard by a coyote. Kristie Young is hoping the tragic deaths of her beloved dogs will serve as a warning to other pet owners.

According to Suncoast, Kristie’s four miniature pinschers, Oro, Coco, Rocky, and Gator had all been snuggled together on the porch couch. When she and her husband, Scott returned home, the dogs had been the victims of a deadly brutal attack that had torn their small bodies apart. The dogs were covered in puncture wounds; Oro was able to make his way to safety through the doggy door, but did not survive.

“I’ve never seen that amount of blood before and experienced anything like that before. It was just devastating. We lost it,” said Kristie. “Coyotes. The puncture wounds were right around the dogs’ necks. It was awful… It was worse than any movie you could think of.”

Coyotes have been spotted in both Bradenton and Manatee Counties. Wildlife expert, Justin Matthews agreed the attacks appeared as if it had been done by a coyote. Most likely the coyote climbed the fence and attacked the dogs. Matthews warns dog owners not to leave their pets unsupervised. The recent land clearing for housing developments have chased the coyotes out of their natural habitats, and they are hungry and out hunting for small prey.

Kristie hopes her tragedy with her four dogs will be a warning for everyone. Do not leave your pets out alone.

To report coyote incidents call the Florida Wildlife Control Regional Office at 863.648.3200 or FWC’s Wildlife Alert Hotline at 888.404.FWCC.

Rest in peace little ones.

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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    Why do people leave home and leave their precious pups in a fenced yard? Coyotes got these poor babies, but there are any number of things that could happen to them in their own yard and no one was there to help. Rest in peace precious pups, you didn’t deserve to die like this. To the owners, I am sure you are devastated, it’s just too bad you left them loose like this.


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