Couple arrested after puppy found with hairband tied over its muzzle

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A couple living in Columbia, South Carolina were arrested on Saturday after a puppy was found in their home with a hairband tied around its muzzle twice. The seven-month-old poodle will require surgery as the black hairband, which had been on the dog for several days, had cut through the dog’s skin to the bone causing a serious infection.

According to WvltNews, Allen Kinlaw, 49, and Dana Kinlaw, 49 have been charged with felony animal cruelty and misdemeanor neglect. In addition to the puppy, authorities also found a 14-year-old poodle in poor health. The dog had a large tumor on his side, was matted with his own feces and couldn’t see with the hair covering his face.

Both dogs have been removed from the home and are under the care of a rescue organization.

More updates will be provided as additional information becomes available.

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