Football player accused of abusing dog

College football player suspended – accused of abusing dog

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A football player for Mississippi State has been suspended after accusations that he abused a dog. According to CBS Sports, Michael Story, an offensive lineman for the college team, is suspended indefinitely.

The accusations against the player

As reported by The Dispatch, the college student is accused of intentionally starving a dog. An unnamed accuser stated that Story intentionally starved a Great Dane named Kodak – the accusation claims that Story:

“shut Kodak the Great Dane in the back room of his apartment and did not feed or water Kodak the Great Dane since Wednesday, Aug. 15, 2018, until Aug. 18, 2018.”

When confronted, the accused man allegedly admitted that he had locked the dog away – according to the news agency, “Mr. Story then stated at a later time that Kodak the Great Dane had been in the bedroom of the apartment for roughly a week’s time.”

The team’s coach is expected to address the accusations against the junior. No word on the current condition or whereabouts of the Great Dane who was allegedly abused.

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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    This sub-human maggot ought to be beaten until he cannot see OR stand. Then shut his evil ass in a room with his hands and feet bound and LEAVE HIM THERE TO DIE. PERIOD! Sick of this shit, then WE have to donate to get their dog back in good health. Why the hell aren’t judges and law enforcement doing MORE to take their money when caught doing this. This fucker makes millions, while others barely able to get by donate $5/10 to help HIS dog. When this money could go toward FEEDING A STARVING CHILD. But NO, they don’t want to do what’s right to the majority, they ALWAYS make it easy for those with a butt load of money. He’ll rot in hell, no amount of money will get him out of it. It’s bullshit, so is our law enforcement and local governments

  2. pennysdachshunds says:

    IF (more than Likely) a scholarship is putting “THIS PUTRID BASTARD” thru school then it needs to be withdrawn… this type of behavior is Totally a Negative Factor in deserving monies on a Sociopathic Monster that would actually let his Companion Animal Starve to DEATH.. White , Brown , or Black this Bastard is another Michael Vick in the making!!! NO EXAMPLE FOR YOUTH IN AMERICA of A STELLER INDIVIDUAL DESERVING A PAID FOR EDUCATION!!!

  3. Bev Woodburn says:

    Lock this animal torturing monster Corey Knippel and starve the monster to death. Eradication from our planet is a must. This monster is the lowlife on our planet.
    Precious Kodak the Great Dane must not be returned to this lowlife animal torturing pos. Kodak must be adopted into a loving and caring home.


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