Cohasset police officers rescue 10-month-old pup impaled by branch

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In Cohasset, Massachusetts, Cohasset Officers and the Tri-Town Animal Control Officer assisted a local couple on Thursday when their 10-month-old Vizsla puppy named Lexi was impaled by a tree branch while on a walk on the trails of Whitney Woods.

According to the department’s Facebook page, David Curry and his his wife, Barbara had been walking with their puppy when they left the main trail to explore new areas. As the puppy jumped over a fallen tree, she landed on a sharp branch which pierced her throat and chest; the family called 911.

“Officers responded with the new off-road utility vehicle (UTV) and traversed over a mile into the woods off of King Street to reach the dog, who had a large tree branch through her neck, and was bleeding profusely,” the department wrote on Facebook. “Officers and Lexi’s owners administered first aid and started the long trek out of the woods in the rear of the UTV.”

“Once out of the woods, Lexi was brought to Crazy Paws Veterinary Clinic on King Street. She was stabilized by staff at Crazy Paws and transported to VCA Weymouth by Officers for emergency surgery.”

The off-road utility vehicle had been donated to the Cohasset Police Department giving officers better and more efficient access to trails. This surely made a difference in Lexi’s young life.

Lexi was stabilized at the veterinarian hospital and had to be administered blood transfusions. The branch had severed a blood vessel; the dog underwent successful surgery. It is hoped Lexi makes a full recovery.

“Thank you to Tri-Town Animal Control Officer Brian Willard, Cohasset Police Detective Harrison Schmidt, Staff of Crazy Paws, and Surgeons at Weymouth VCA for all of their awesome efforts today.

Special thanks to the dispatchers at South Shore Regional Emergency Communications Center for helping us locate the 9-1-1 caller deep in the woods via 9-1-1 signal.

Fingers crossed for Lexi!”

Again, many thanks to all of the angels who help those who cannot speak.

(Photos courtesy of Cohasset Police Department Facebook)

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6 replies
  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    Giant and heartfelt THANK YOU to all you came to Lexi’s rescue – if not for your efforts she could easily have died. Hope she makes a full recovery and let this be a lesson to her owners to keep her leashed when hiking.

  2. Adrienne says:

    Thanks to all rescue groups, both animal and humans that helped Lexi. Glad she was saved and pray no complications and back on the recovery road. I can only imagine how her parents feel about what happened. I bet they will be more aware of things on the ground and around them. A freak accident that could even happen in your backyard if you have fallen branches.

  3. pennysdachshunds says:

    What a Horrible Stroke of terrible Luck for Lexi and her loved ones… THEY all three are so lucky for the EXCELLENT RESCUE CREW , EQUIPMENT and EMERGENCY RESPONSE most places don’t have… and THESE PEOPLE love their Animal Companion!!!! God Speed Lexi for a successful recovery!!!


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