Cleveland man cited for breaking car windows saving dogs from heat

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In Parma, Ohio, a man from Cleveland has been cited for criminal damage after breaking car windows saving two dogs from the heat. Good Samaritan, Richard Hill says he is being punished for doing the right thing.

According to the Miami Herald, Hill had been at Walmart on Monday when he noticed the two dogs locked inside of the vehicle. When he tried to get the dogs’ attention from outside of the car, one of the dogs wouldn’t move. Other observers went into the store to find the owner of the vehicle, and the police were summoned.

Hill decided it was an emergency and used a hammer to break the window.

“As soon as I broke the window, the big pup wanted out right away,” Hill stated.

By the time a patrol car arrived, onlookers had already been giving the dogs water, however the officer told Hill he should have waited for the police. Ohio law states a person has immunity when a child or an animal is in imminent danger or suffering harm.

Sargent Dan Ciryak, with the Parma Police, stated he wasn’t sure if this was a matter of life and death for the dogs and stated the sunroof of the car was opened, and Hill had not waited long enough for police assistance. According to police, there were four minutes from the time of the call about the dogs to the time the officer arrived.

The owner of the dogs, Carly Hartman returned to  her car after 14 minutes and stated she would never jeopardize her dogs safety. She was not ticketed. On Richard Hill’s Facebook page, he has tons of support from animal advocates and plans to fight the criminal damage citation.

PETA has praised Hill’s actions to save the dogs and has offered to help if a fine is incurred.

“This man acted compassionately to save dogs from potentially baking to death in a parked car, and he should not have been cited for that,” PETA President Ingrid Newkirk said. “PETA hopes everyone will always unhesitatingly do whatever it takes to help dogs and children if they are trapped in a hot car.”

(Photo of Cleveland man Richard Hill screenshot via the Miami Herald)

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20 replies
  1. Pamela Garlisch says:

    WTG! Richard Hill! Glad to see somebody that really cares about animals and is willing to go the extra mile to save them. Maybe next time though you could take a video of the distress the dogs were in before you break the window. 4 minutes for the police to get there could be a matter of life or death for the dogs.

  2. Marsha Squibb says:

    You did the right thing Richard!NEVER should dogs be locked in a hot car even if the moon roof was open…the dogs DO NOT want to go to Walmart to shop people!!!!Leave them home when it’s HOT!!!!!Bravo Richard!I’d have done the same thing!!!

  3. susan says:

    There is an immunity law in ohio for removal of dogs and or children from hot car.
    You should not be accountable for this and the owner of the dog(s) should flip this bill.

    This immunity law in ohio’s “ohio senate bill 215”

  4. Pat says:

    The sunroof was open? That is the excuse? WTH I have a sunroof and all that does when it’s hot outside is allow in more heat with the sun beating directly into the car. He absolutely did the right thing!!!

  5. slv says:

    Shame on you Parma Police!!!!! You set a bad example. I totally support Richard Hill’s actions. He just saved 2 lives. Thank you Richard Hill. You are a hero for stepping up and doing the right thing.

  6. Robert says:

    I guess, animal neglect, animal cruelty , doesn’t mean anything to the law enforcement in ohio. That being the case , I wouldn’t want to be a police K-9 dog on their force. This shows no respect for animals by that police force.

  7. Vicki says:

    Wrong person was cited. The pea-brained owner is the one who should have received the citation. Richard Hill stepped up and did the right thing. But then then this is Parma – stuck back in the 50’s.

  8. Nancy Raymond says:

    Richard Hill should get a medal not a stupid citation – he did the right thing – he saved two dogs from an ignorant selfish owner who left them in a car in high heat – Apparently the Parma Ohio cops are attempting to cover up the idiocy reason that Mr. Hill did not wait long enough for them to arrive – who knows when they would have found the time to show up??? They claim four minutes, but I am not convinced one bit. They should be thanking Mr. Hill for his concern, compassion and willingness to act – He saved these dogs lives while their idiot owner Carly Hartman shopped at her leisure – maybe she has learned a lesson – she definitely needs one. I applaud Mr. Hill for his actions.

  9. Adrienne says:

    Richard Hill, you did the right thing and all pet owners support what you did. The owner is stupid to believe that her dogs were ok. She should have been given a summons and made to pay a fine. What if her dogs had died of heat related problems, would she then have been charged? Mr. Hill saved her dogs and she should be grateful for what he did. Glad Peta has gotten involved.

  10. BA says:

    OK REALLY!!!!!???? HE GETS A TICKET FOR SAVING ANIMALS LIVES and the Bitch owner gets nothing ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!! so he should have waited till they couldn’t breathe or got heat stroke then he could have broken the window!!!??? Cleveland SHAME ON YOU!!!! THE owner of the dogs should be ticketed, fined and is hot outside yet you leave your dogs in a locked car…LEAVE ANIMALS HOME!!!! This man is a HERO HERO HERO!!!! SHAME ON CLEVELAND

  11. Animal Advocate says:

    The owner should have been arrested! Richard you are a hero! The Parma police need to learn how fast the temperature rises in a hot vehicle! The sunroof isn’t good enough that’s like cracking a window! Unbelievable! It looks like the state law is on your side. The owner should not be allowed to have pets/children! No common sense!

  12. Red says:

    If IDIOTS do not want their vehicle windows broken…..DO NOT LOCK YOUR PETS IN A HOT CAR…windows cracked, sun roof open….DOES NOT HELP! Use your head, if you are going to stop to shop…leave your pets at home IN A COOL A/C house!

  13. Jan Barnes says:

    The real crime is citing this Great Samaritan! I am sure many of us would be willing to help PETA pay the fine. Please keep us posted on this!

  14. Christine Brown says:

    Richard Hill did the right thing as i would had done the same thing. This law needs to be changed and the owner of the dog ought to be the one that is charged by leaving the dog in the car .
    Here in Australia its illegal leaving dogs in a car There are penalties for leaving pets in cars. Causing pets to suffer is a crime, and the penalty can be as much as $5,500 and 6 months in jail. If the pet dies as a result of this mistreatment, the penalty jumps to $22,500 and up to two years in jail.
    This ought to be done in every country.
    It’s not rocket science that if its a very hot day the best thing to do is to leave your dogs at home where there is shelter and plenty of water

  15. Carolyn Allen says:

    The owner should have gotten the citation not the hero who saved the dogs. How is a person suppose to know how long it will take the police to arrive? He saved the dogs and that’s all that is important! Dogs can die from heat stroke. The charges should be dropped. Even with a sunroof open, a car becomes very hot. That’s why we have AC because open windows or a sunroof does not cool a car down when it’s hot. The Good Samaritan did the right and humane thing!

  16. Yvette Mills says:

    He should be given a metal. He’s a hero. This world is un real. So he should have let them die because their owners have no brain cells? Seriously? This makes me sick.

  17. Rebecca Soubra says:

    This is outrageous that he would be punished for doing the right thing to save these dogs and the owner gets away with it! Thank you Richard for being a hero!


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