City Council apologizes to owners ordering them to muzzle dogs at home

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The Christchurch City Council apologized on Monday morning to owners of dogs called “menacing” after ordering them to muzzle their dogs inside of their own homes. Dog owners in the city of Canterbury, New Zealand were enraged after a letter was sent to pet owners stating that dogs classified as “menacing” must be muzzled inside of their owners’ homes. Yes, you read that correctly; the Christchurch City Council sent the letter reminding dog owners of their legal obligations and to avoid “legal repercussions.”

Dog breeds listed as menacing included Brazilian fila, dogo Argentino, Japanese tosa, American pitbull terrier, and the perro de presa canario. The only exceptions to the dog muzzling order was if the animal was inside of a secured cage or vehicle.

On Monday, the Council Consenting and Compliance general manager corrected the order. According to Stuffnz the latest legal opinion states:

“The further legal opinion we have received supports the view that dogs classified as menacing do not need to be muzzled when they are inside their owner’s home or contained securely within their owner’s property. This is contrary to the information the Animal Management Team sent out to owners of menacing dogs earlier this month. We are sorry for any confusion and upset that we have caused.”

The city council will be writing to dog owners to update them.

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  1. Too little too late. They have confirmed that they are jerks and no amount of appologies can change that. Vote them out of office ASAP.

  2. I can see requirements for dogs out in public…. I think the requirement that animals be muzzled and restrained in their own homes and yards is a vague, overreaching and overbroad requirement (infringes on personal autonomy and would be illegal in the USA)…… I am glad that this terrible requirement will not be enforced!!!!!

  3. Didn’t they vote on this ridiculous ordinance? Whether they understood what the law was or not, for them to even order this was wrong. It makes one wonder how capable they are in their position.

  4. The only ones who should be muzzled are the idiot humans of Christchurch City Council – All muzzling should be instituted on a dog to dog basis – not just because a dog is a certain breed, which is exactly what this stupid law is all about. There are some people who should be muzzled, not the dogs.


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