Can you save me now? Shelter pup ‘Johnny Cash’ scheduled to die

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Waiting patiently at the Manhattan Care Center, shelter pooch Johnny Cash can be found upfront in his kennel and ready to go the moment he spots a volunteer carrying a leash. A volunteer writes:

“We have our own ‘Man in Black.’ …this handsome hunk speaks volumes with his soulful eyes and affectionate ways. Johnny’s a true people dog and (quite literally) not one to take kennel life lying down… I’ve even caught him smooshed against the door, luxuriating in a side massage from a passing admirer.”

But that’s not all. Since he came into the shelter on January 2 as a stray, this four-year-old is easily leashed and walked.

“He takes his time sniffing all around and greeting other pups of every size with friendly good manners, even the not-so friendly little ones. He enjoys treats and mouths them gently from my hand, plays nicely with toys and excels at exploring and snuggling – talents that he clearly mastered long ago.”

According to volunteers, Johnny “rocked his behavior assessment.” The sad news is he has no one or no place to call his own and therefore is at risk to die today. More information about Johnny can be followed here. The shelter states the following:

“Johnny Cash is at risk due to being diagnosed with Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease Complex, which is contagious to other dogs. He also has a heart murmur and came to the care center with ear infections. There are no behavior concerns for him at this time, average determination.”

His medical notes include his current treatment:

“S/O: QAR, Coughing, Serous nasal discharge Assessment: CIRDC Plan: 1) Move to Iso 2) Doxycycline 2.5 tablets mg (2.5 x 100 mg) tabs) SID x 14 days 3) Cerenia 60 mg Tab PO x 3 days 4) Recheck in 7 days”

Check out Johnny’s video:

Additional information is available here.

Manhattan Dogs:

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From the shelter’s at risk site:

For anyone who wishes to adopt, there is a mandatory deposit fee of $200 plus a transaction fee per animal to place an adoption reservation. The $200 covers $50 toward the adoption fee and $150 for the spay/neuter deposit. If the animal has already been spayed or neutered or is permanently waived by one of our veterinarians, the $150 deposit will be refunded at the time of the adoption. If the animal does need to leave without being spayed or neutered due to his/her medical condition, the $150 deposit will be refunded at the time they are brought back for the spay/neuter surgery or when proof of sterilization being done elsewhere is provided to ACC. If you do not follow through with the adoption, the entire $200 deposit will be considered a charitable donation to ACC’s Special Treatment and Recovery Fund (STAR). Also, if the adoption fee for an animal is less than $50, the difference will be considered a charitable donation to the STAR Fund. Similarly, in-shelter pricing promotions do not apply to at-risk animals.

To complete an adoption, please click reserve on the animal of your choice. That animal will be loaded in your cart and you will have 15 minutes to complete the adoption process. In order to complete your reservation, you need to check out (top right corner). At this point, you will enter in your credit card information and a receipt will be emailed to you as confirmation of your reservation. If you have any issues, please email [email protected] for help navigating the website.

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  1. Please foster or adopt this happy boy. He will pay you back with hugs and kisses.Takes a short while for any dog to adapt to your home but once they do, the reward you receive is 10 times over. We adopted a small havanese mix who was so matter and had tear stains caked on her face.We thought she has kennel cough but it was a severe ear infection which made her not want us to touch her face/ears, plus she had the cone on her from being spayed. We took her to our vet who used drops and that cleared up around the time the cone came off. We took her to the groomer, and wow, a total different looking dog. With patience and practice I can squeeze drops in her ear for fungus that occurs again at times, she lets me groom her all over, can clean her eyes everyday so no tear buildup and I can also brush her teeth with dog toothpaste. She eats well and loves being around us. An over all win win for all of us. Don’t hesitate to get a dog from a shelter but have a course of action to acclimate the dog to your home. Even a trainer can be a huge help with that.

  2. He HAS so very much to offer!!! Yet NO ONE SEEMS to care… even the staff at the Shelter ( oxymoron ) think he is a wonderful dog for a caring person!!! Why does Manhattan ( area of the ultra -wealthy New Yorkers) jump the gun and favor EUTHANIZATION as the First option in such a short time!!!

    • Follow the money trail! You have a progressive affluent state and yet they, brooklyn, manhatten, and long island so called shelters murder bebies. Healthy puppies less than a year old, 2 yrs old, etc! This needs to stop. Their other criteria us if they are black, physically big, and a pit bull they kill them! Johnny cash is in big trouble!!!! Some one step up if he isn’ t branded new hope rescue he just may have a prayer! God speed little guy, I hope you live!


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