California teen videoed killing duck with his golf club

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In a brutal display of animal cruelty, a 16-year-old teen has been arrested in Ontario, California for allegedly striking and killing a duck with a golf club on the golf course at Whispering Lakes. The boy has been charged with felony animal abuse and has been released to the custody of his parents.

According to Abc7News, the teen shared a video of him hitting the duck on social media Wednesday evening. The body of the dead duck was later discovered, according to the Ontario Police Department.

Members of the Colony High School golf team had been practicing on Wednesday afternoon when one of the boys accidentally hit a duck while he was teeing off. The boy later told authorities he killed the duck to put it out of its misery, however police are probing further into the investigation. Detective Melissa Ramirez stated she started receiving calls about the 45 second video shortly after it was posted online.

“They went as far as to share it on a social media platform, so you wonder, ‘What was your purpose? Was it amusing to you? Do you think other people would thinks it’s amusing? It’s very concerning,” Detective Ramirez stated.

The school is cooperating with police and animal cruelty investigators. Anyone with further information is asked to contact Det. Joe Tirre at 909.395.2862. The youngster’s name has not been published because of his age.

The video can be seen at this link.

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  1. BULLSH*T: You don’t “brag/boast, and post” about something “accidentally” tragic – unless you’re proud of your deliberately cruel, insensitive, felonious act, you little assh*le!

  2. I hope someone from his school posts his name.Im sure his neighbors would love to find out who they live near.What? He’s never been exposed to a hurt animal and taught what to do?

  3. I think they should totally release his name! Let him deal with his 15 minutes of fame and he should be put on an abusers registry! He wanted the fame by posting it, hold him up to ridicule for all the world to see.

  4. Should have been arrested for what he did and then to show it on the internet shows just how demented this so called kid is. Hey parents, be careful when he has clubs in his hands and who he might swing out in anger.

  5. send your comments to this man. This guy needs to be off any team that goes out into the community.
    Colony High School Athletics
    Mr. Jaime Sandoval
    Athletic Director
    (909) 930-2929
    Email: [email protected]

  6. BS…. this little twit thought he was really cool and tough killing an animal. His family should be FINED A HUGE AMOUNT for their freaking little monster. Maybe then they would teach him to be kind to animals!! This is horrible!!! Ducks are soooo gentle and good.

  7. WHY isn’t this fucking punk sitting in a jail cell? Let him become a victim and see how much he likes being tortured by bigger tougher inmates – this little bastard proved what a big shot he is by murdering an innocent animal – let him prove it in jail where his butt will be treated like the miserable waste he is – NO – so called ‘authorities’ released him to his parents – so of course he will get little to no punishment and can continue on in his cruel ways – Good going Ontario California – you allowed this kid to walk away.

  8. Another INSANE INHUMANE LOW LIFE KILLING GOD’S PRECIOUS CREATION… Lock the low life POS up and than beat the shit out of him with his own golf club and leave him for dead… PRAY GOD & KARMA GET YOUR EVIL DEMENTED ASS! YOU are not a youngster you are a teenager and you knew better. You think because your on the golf team you are a big shot and can kill innocent precious creatures that GOD CREATED & get away with it! Praying the prosecutor thinks other wise and holds your evil ass accountable.


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