Caged monkey in Texas home rescued from death sentence by community

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In Edinburg, Texas, a Japanese Macaque monkey named Charly,  had been surrendered by his owners to Palm Valley Animal Center. Charly should have never been a household pet had bitten a child and was directed to be killed on Wednesday afternoon by Hidalgo County Animal Control.

The Texas State Health Department announced that it had made the decision to euthanize the monkey, citing the need for rabies testing although  there has never been a documented case of rabies in a primate in the United States. As a precaution, however the child will undergo the treatment as preventative medical protocol.

The news about the impending euthanasia of an animal forced to live in a cage brought together a compassionate community of animal advocates very quickly.  Faith Wright and Monica Frenden, managers at Austin Pets Alive Maddie’s Lifesaving Academy, reached out for help. Together with Texas Pets Alive, Katie Jarl of the Humane Society of the United States, and citizens who called on State Representative Eddie Rodriguez and Senator José Menéndez, Charly was rescued and his life spared.

“This is the power of grassroots efforts. This is the power of teamwork, and of being passionately humane. This is the power of determining what is right and making it happen, no matter how difficult it may seem,” wrote Austin Pets Alive.”

On Thursday morning, an update from the Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Inc., located in Kendalia announced they will be rescuing Charly. On the organization’s Facebook page, founder Lyn Cuny stated:

“Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation (WRR) has agreed to send our vet and one staff member to Edinburg, Texas to pick up and transport the confiscated snow macaque to our sanctuary in Kendalia, Texas.

We have also agreed to quarantine him, at no expense to the County, for the necessary time period.

WRR will cover all the expenses for the care, housing, feeding and transportation of the macaque.”

Sadly, Charly is another innocent victim in the history of wild animals being subjected to the exotic “pet trade.” Besides having been forced to live in a cage all his life, the monkey injured a child.

“When will laws be passed that will eradicate the highly profitable and horribly cruel exploitation of innocent animals? Every time an incident, such as we have seen with this monkey, occurs you can be certain that there are thousands of other incidents just waiting to happen,” Lynn explained. “We call ourselves a compassionate species but our compassion does not reach the countless wild animals who are oppressed and who suffer every day, at the hands of uncaring individuals.”

Yes, Charly is one of the lucky ones – what about the others who suffer in silence while they are legally tucked away in a cage because some selfish human thinks it’s cute?

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  1. OMG!!! I can’t believe there are PEOPLE willing to WORK TOGETHER to actually SAVE an ANIMAL down there in TEXAS!!!! MAYBE there is starting to be a Change of Attitude or Maybe TEXANS Just like Monkeys Better than Dogs!!! whatever the case .. I applaud ALL of you that were apart of this RESCUE!!!

      There are hundreds, thousands of us that LOVE ANIMALS MORE THAN PEOPLE!!

  2. I blame these brain dead owners for putting this poor animal through hell – WILDLIFE ARE NOT PETS – and this poor monkey was stuck in a damn cage – it bit your kid – exactly what the fuck did you expect??? You bought an animal that in no way is domesticated – and due to your ignorance and arrogance this poor animal was dumped and ready to be killed all because of your stupidity. Thank God there was people who saw all this monkey did not deserve to die due to the dumbass owners – Thanks to these dedicated people this animal is now in a sanctuary where he can live out his life.

    • Well said!! I agree
      Thank GOD they were able to rescue him in time. Never understand what possess morons to bring an exotic animal into their home to live locked in a small cage???? “GO TO THE ZOO AND LOOK AT ALL THE WILD LIFE YOU WANT!!” ugh

  3. To exploit any animal is cruel. They have a right to life, a family, and their own feelings. How sad humans destroy their identity and then control every last moment.

  4. Monkeys are wild and SHOULD NOT BE PETS!!!!!!! Surely someone knew about this and could have reported it. This poor baby has lived his life in a cage, that is just not right!! Why do people think it is ok to cage a wild animal for their enjoyment?????!!!


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