Cat found by news crew

Burned cat, found by news crew, remains unclaimed at area shelter

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A burned cat, found by a KATU news crew, remains unclaimed at the Butte Humane Society Clinic. KATU News reporter Lashay Wesley and photographer Ric Peavyhouse were covering the wildfire in Paradise, California, earlier this month when they found the burned cat.

Do you know this cat or others who have been found?

On November 21, the animal shelter wrote:

We are still caring for burned cats transferred to us from the Camp Fire. If you believe one of these cats may belong to you, please contact our clinic manager, Emily, at with the ID# from the photo of the cat you think may be yours and send any photos you may have and details such as their age and any distinguishing features so that we can identify your missing pet.


Our main priority currently is providing the medical care that the cats currently housed with us require daily and we absolutely want to make sure they are reunited with their owners once they are able to be medically cleared

Fate of the pets found

The shelter commented on the fate of the cats who are not reclaimed by their families:

*Any cats that remain unclaimed by their owners are considered property of Butte County and will remain under our care until they are medically cleared and able to be returned to the county. We are not legally able to put these cats into foster or facilitate the adoption of any unclaimed cats. We will be working diligently to reunite these cats with their rightful owners. If you think your cat is under our care, please send an email with any photos and as much identifiable information possible to and we will will do our best to respond to you as quickly as possible. We may not be able to respond to all of the many comments we are receiving on each photo.

Other cats still wait

The shelter has posted photos of the other cats who are still waiting. A few include:

Find the shelter’s Facebook page here.

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