Bryce is so frightened: Heartbreaking life for a puppy so young

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Bryce is a black and white collie mix brought to Polk County Animal Adoption and Recovery Center in Cedartown, Georgia on April 2 as a stray. No one has been to the shelter to claim him as having been part of their family. Bryce is so terrified, yet despite his fears, he shows no aggression.



Posted by Tia Marie Carter on Friday, April 27, 2018

Volunteers at the shelter are working with Bryce. Most likely no one will ever know why this puppy is so timid.

“This is Bryce. He is very scared. He wants to be loved but he’s unsure about it right now. He really gets upset when you try to put a leash on him. I put a collar on him for now so he’ll get used to that and hopefully that will be a step in allowing us to put a leash on him. He’s available to rescue if someone wants to work with him. He is beautiful and sweet if you just go slow.”

Follow Bryce’s plight on Facebook here.

For more information contact the shelter at:

1215 Veal St (585.76 mi)
Cedartown, Georgia 30125
Highlights info row image
(770) 749-8908
Typically replies within a day
(Photos and video by Tia Marie Carter )

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Someone amputated this dog’s leg with garden shears – read more here.

Someone amputated dog's leg

12 replies
    • Marni says:

      Patty, if you really want him, there are transporters who will pick up the dog and take them to another state. If you can’t affords this service you can create a go fund me page and people donate. You just write that you want to save this dog. Now, distance isn’t a big deal.

  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    It always amazes me, a beautiful dog like this and no one is looking for him? How can that be? You have to think he came from some home, did he escape and they just don’t care, or is it a case where they opened the door and let him get “lost”. I hope and pray he finds his way into a loving home, somewhere if he does escape, they will be moving heaven and earth to find him,

  2. pennysdachshund says:

    Georgia! most certainly One of the Southern States not big on Rescue , But Big on Dog Fighting!!! I hope for a Decent ,Loving , and Animal Friendly to come forward and help this little guy … He is so pretty and would make a wonderful pet… I hope the shelter gives him some time and patience and NOT GET EUTHANSIA HAPPY!! Maybe a rescue organization will step up for him !!! ONE CAN ONLY HOPE FOR THE BEST!!!


    why are most people against spay/neutering? always amazes me how some folks think? poor dog. also I found that most folks don’t know how to pick the right dog for their circumstances, so the poor animal ends up in a shelter.

  4. Marianne says:

    I wish we could get Bryce but we are in Indiana. All 4 of our dogs are rescue and they all had problems. With patience and love, they are a loyal pack. Please love and help this little one.

    • Betty says:

      He in foster
      Bryce has left the building!!! I got him in my lap first because I knew I’d have to carry him. The transporter was slow and careful with him done awesome with him. Now he’s on the way to foster! To donate here is the site:
      You can go on to Tia Marie Carter on facebook You see him there and get more infor. But they have beautiful puppies Ton of them there 🙁

  5. Joan polito says:

    People, seriously, they throw their fur family away, only to get another one to emotionally and physically destroy.. Dog is God spelled backwards, All animals were created to be protected and loved…..when you die and you are an animal abuser, where do you think you will go…..I say I hope you like it hot !!


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