Broward County Animal Control fails abused dog

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The Broward County Animal Care and Adoption Center in Florida has failed an abused dog several times over. Ironically, they have an option on their website for citizens to report animal abuse. And, it is stated under their mission statement, “to rescue the neglected.”

However, one of their Animal Control Officers Aleida Mesa refused to cite a resident for abuse and returned the injured dog back to the owner, Elba Miranda.

It started on November 14, 2018, when a large, black dog was seen running down the street with a chain around his neck and a long chain dragging behind him.  A Good Samaritan brought the dog to a Sunrise, Florida veterinarian. The chain was embedded into the poor dog’s neck by several inches.  Dr. Jon Shetler described the chain as heavy-duty chain link, almost like anchor chain. It appeared the chain had been around the dog’s neck for at least one month, if not more.

Dr. Shetler removed the chain from the dog’s neck and treated him with antibiotics. The Sunrise Police were called out and a call was also placed to Broward County Animal Care. What happened next angered Dr. Shetler. Instead of taking the dog to safety, two Broward Animal Services investigators decided the dog should be returned to his owner; they did so that very same day without so much as a citation. They claimed the dog was in no imminent danger.

After learning the injured dog was returned to the owner, the Sunrise Police went to the home of the owner, Elba Miranda. The officer advised the owner they were seizing the dog. When Animal Control Officer Mesa arrived, she disagreed with the police order. She refused to seize the dog even though the police said to do it. She said there was no imminent danger.”

According to Dr. Shetler, the abuse on the dog was quite evident and indisputable.  And, the Broward County Animal Care website specifically mentions that an embedded collar is considered animal cruelty. There is also a Broward County ordinance in place stating it is illegal to tether a dog using a metal chain.

So, why would a Broward Animal Care employee refuse to listen to the police and argue with them when they requested the dog be removed from the home? Why would Mesa so blatantly refuse to do her job?  Her job is to protect animals, not enable abusers.

Finally, after the third request by police to pick up the dog and the third refusal by Broward County, a Sunrise Police detective retrieved the dog on her own and returned him to Dr. Shetler. According to Dr. Shetler everyone loves the dog, and although has been through so much is still fun and loving. The dog has since gone to a rescue.

There are many who feel strongly that Animal Control Officer Mesa should be terminated from her job for not enforcing the animal cruelty laws that are clearly stated on the Broward County Animal Care’s website.  Does Broward County just not pursue animal abuse cases anymore? If not, then they are an animal care center in name only, and Mesa is an investigator in name only. They are clearly not doing the jobs they are entrusted and paid to do.

When questioned by channel 7 NEWS on their lack of action regarding the abused dog, Broward County stated,

“This is an active police investigation, and pending the outcome of the investigation, our agency will take all appropriate enforcement.”

The injured dog should never have been returned to his owner. The owner should have been immediately cited and arrested as soon as Dr. Shetler claimed severe abuse.   Failure to do may display incompetence on the part of Broward County and their investigators.

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  1. Shari says:

    How can you be such a pos . This poor life looked to you for help and this is what you do ignoring this poor souls looking to you for help. I truly hope you burn in hell. God forbid one of your family members loo, to you for help.


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