Boy ignored warnings at zoo and killed pregnant meerkat who bit his finger

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A 12-year-old boy ignored warnings about petting the animals at a Hungarian zoo when he stuck his arm through the fence and was bitten on the finger by a meerkat. Officials believed the pregnant meerkat had been trying to protect her young ones. The angry child grabbed the 18-month-old animal and slammed her and her unborn baby to the ground – killing both in an instant.

According to the Independent, the meerkat named Zara lived at the Kecskemeti Zoo and had been a favorite when she arrived a year-and-a-half ago. The curious little animal had stolen everyone’s heart including the the zoo’s director, Tamas Tokovics who described his sadness and concern about the child’s lack of respect on Facebook.

“There was a sad event today at the kecskemét Warren. I don’t know what’s going on with the tragedy, the lack of rules, and I can do anything for behavior, for being a -, I don’t know…The little one grew up, and we trusted that a new colony would be formed, because Zara’s belly was growing again this year.
Until today…..
Since we knew his behavior would change at this time, we put out separate warning signs so they wouldn’t touch the animal because he bites. Unfortunately, not everyone will take our orders, even if it’s for his own good. And unfortunately, it happened. In spite of multiple warnings, a boy reached in, and zara protected his current and future family in the hands of the child who, from pain or terror, slammed our little meerkat. Zara and her offspring were at the scene. They died immediately, and I couldn’t resuscitate her.
Whose fault it is??” [translation]

After the death of Zara and her unborn baby, emotions ran high on social media with some calling for the child to be severely punished. The child even received death threats, yet despite the outpouring of anger and sadness over Zara’s untimely death, Tokovics called for everyone to remain calm.

“Everyone, let’s not start looking for a scapegoat, because we can’t make the tragedy happen anymore, but let’s start with small steps to build a world where things like this can’t happen where we’re watching nature. To each other and the harmony between us. We at the Warren Warren are doing everything we can to make sure that people who visit us, regardless of their age, get rich with unforgettable experiences, if only for a little while. Please, we ask you to take care of this miracle so that many of you may experience the many uplifting experiences that you may meet in the kecskemét Warren.
Let’s remember Zara for our little meerkat.” [translation]

Tokovics hopes parents are encouraged to teach their children to respect each other and nature.

Rest in peace little Zara and your unborn baby.

(Photos via Facebook Kecskeméti Vadaskert)

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25 replies
  1. Melissa Gurley says:

    How sad I believe also the boy should be charged he was definitely old enough to know he was doing wrong how very sad for mother and baby

  2. JEANETTE says:

    this has nothing to do with a scapegoat. the kid was wrong, at 12 yrs old the little punk knew better. where were his parents? poor little animal, protecting the young. that kid should be made to clean up elephant poo for a month,But with an adult watching him. he might try to kill something else.

  3. Adrienne says:

    Certainly hope that this 12 year old “child” get some type of punishment and treatment for animal abuse/killing as well as not reading signs or following directions about not touching these animals. So sad that he did this as females are the head of their group and she was doing her job protecting them.

    Hope the zoo can obtain more to include in there facility.

  4. JEANETTE says:

    child, oops, I knew the difference between right and wrong. when I was much younger. No excuse for the type of behavior.

  5. Pamela Garlisch says:

    Punish the “child” and his parents, maybe a couple of months in jail with his parents in another jail will teach him to read and pay attention to warnings. RIP Zara and baby, you did nothing wrong and I hope the zoo keeps the people away from the animals, the humans can’t be trusted.

  6. Cynthia Como says:

    This little unruly brat was COMPLETELY at fault….who in their right mind would blame this poor innocent animal? I would love see all zoos banned forever! This story has broken my heart and has me enraged beyond belief!!!! Why can’t humanity just leave animals alone to live their lives? ????????RIP????????

    • Pamela Bolton says:

      Because HUMANS think they are the superior brings Far from it. They are the biggest disease on this earth.

  7. Red says:

    Once again….. the lack of PARENTING going on these days is absolutely scary!! Parents are too consumed with being their kids “buddies” and not offending them by telling them NO and DO NOT DO that!! Step up parents….YOU are not their friends….they are your kids to teach right and wrong, respect and obedience!! WAKE UP….. YOU ARE CREATING self absorbed, entitled, little monsters!
    Signs were posted, this kid ignored….the parents should be fined and held responsible!
    RIP little mom and baby… were horrendously murdered at the hands of a monster.

  8. Marni Montanez says:

    This is happening way too often. Little brats think they don’t have to follow rules and hurt an animal and what did the parents do? If this kid hasn’t learned rules by now, then he’s going to do what he wants.

  9. maxiemom says:

    This isn’t scapegoating! It’s a problem with too many of both today’s PARENTS and the DEMON SPAWN they’ve raised!

    This isn’t the first time something like this has happened, nor will it be the last. Where were the parents when it happened?

    I will tell you EXACTLY where they were: standing there silently, as if NOTHING was happening because they couldn’t care less that the scumbag they raised wasn’t paying attention to the rules any more than he pays attention to them!

    I watched something similar happen at DC’s National Zoo about 25 years ago. There were signs there, too, only they said ‘Do not hit the glass’, because the animal in question was a king cobra who was apparently nesting, and the little bastard in question was, you guessed, BANGING on the glass REPEATEDLY, while his disgusting parents did absolutely NOTHING to stop him.

    That child was about 12, too. If the glass hadn’t been unbreakable, the monster and a lot of other people would be DEAD, because the snake was worse than agitated, repeatedly striking the glass. Hopefully the snake wasn’t injured. I couldn’t believe that the parents just stood there the entire time this went on (for several minutes), but they were like STATUES!

    The kid in this story needs to be dealt with along with his irresponsible parents. Every parent who raises one of these feral children needs to be held accountable, whether it’s a kid who terrorizes people in a grocery store or behaves as this monster did. They all spawn from the same kind of ‘parent’: one in name only.

  10. J. Martin says:

    Type of punishment for this vile little shit. Slam him into the ground face first .. until he longer HAS a FACE!!! Harsh? NO . Actually it ISN’T. This ignorant little FUCK took the lives of TWO innocent animals

    • Bunny Peters says:

      RIP Zara and your precious baby……

      That POS brat deserves severe punishment (if he were my kid, and he disobeyed warnings and behaved in this manner, he would have been punished and sent off to a very strict boarding school)………
      I think this POS kid deserves something similar (@ the very least, community service for several months) or he will graduate to harming humans……

  11. Julie Enos says:

    Put screens or glass over the fence people’s hands cannot reach the animals and the animals cannot reach out

  12. Mary Ann Clark says:

    This so-called 12 year old boy is a vicious and dangerous monster who is an extreme danger to all living things! What happens when he loses his temper with a baby? Then will something be done?

  13. Barbara Hartman says:

    I agree with above comments. Best solution is to kill the boy same way he did to meerkat in front of his parents…i know this won’t happen, but something has to be done. Label the boy as an animal murderer, and his parents unfit to raise kids the rest of their lives…and not allow this family to have pets, entrance to zoos, farms, etc.

  14. Pamela Bolton says:

    The kid has to have some kind of consequences for this murder. You had signs out, he was told not to touch the animals and he does it anyway and killed her in the process. The parents should be held accountable as well. They were on charge of his training. Satan’s spawn needs jail time to scare him straight and fines for the parents for letting him do as he pleases at the cost of an animals life. Disgusting HUMANS

  15. Nancy Raymond says:

    ‘Scapegoat’ – Hardly! This 12 year old punk did what he wanted to do – and ignored the sign – he got bit and then literally killed Zara and her unborn baby because he felt entitled and did not have to pay attention – exactly where were his parents during this??? A 12 year old has the ability to read and this little bastard decided the rules did not apply to him. Yes, he needs to be punished – to let this go only makes him feel it was OK to abuse an animal – both he and his parents need to be held responsible – the parents for allowing him to touch the Meerkat, and him for being the spoiled brat he proved himself to be. He needs the crap scared out of him.

  16. Animal Advocate says:

    This punk knew right from wrong, was literate and was warned. He needs the same thing done to him. It’s bad enough the poor animals are in captivity , like a prison just because they are animals , having no freedom . Then this barbarian kills them! Sickening all the way around.

  17. Jo says:

    That kid should be punished without a doubt!! He disobeyed the signs snd he got bitten thrn he killed Zara and her unborn baby!! His parents apparently weren’t there to stop his stupidity!!! When you punish him, make sure the kid is punished, but first slam him on the ground!!

  18. PAMELA D says:

    This little bastard should have been thrown out of this place. Maybe these places will realize that animals cannot be in such close contact with humans. Look what happened to Pinky in Florida in 2016 when the rotten ass low life picks up the flamingo and slams her to the ground in front of everyone thinking he was so damn funny. Animals cannot be within reach of animals so when is this world going to learn this. Do we need petitions to always protect animals since they are not thought about on the same level as a human? Animals need more rights since they are voiceless.


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