Border collie nursing pups thrown over seven-foot fence

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In an apparent act of animal cruelty, an unidentified person threw a nursing Border collie over a seven-foot fence leaving her five tiny puppies separated on the other side, with no food, water or access to their mother for several hours. According to the Border Small Animal Rescue, the entire family had been abandoned at a pound in an area of New South Wales, Australia on Saturday.

A ranger arriving to care for the animals found the dogs. The puppies are estimated to be six-weeks of age, and the mother dog no more than 18 months. Had the weather been any hotter, the puppies would have perished in the heat stated Belinda Blom on the rescue’s Facebook page.

“…It was unknown how long they had been separated for in today’s heat. If that wasn’t bad enough…mum is emaciated, riddled in fleas, her pups aren’t much better off and one pup is unable to weight bear on a rear leg..and looks like the injury has been there for quite a while. Tonight these pups and mumma are safe in our care under Duty Of Care. Sweet mumma is only 12 -18 months old and its clear that this isn’t her first litter. Pups (2 girls, 3 boys) are only around 6 weeks old. We are seeking your help…we are in dire need of funds to get pups leg assessed (leaving it until impound time is up isn’t going to work), quality puppy kibble for small pups, wormers for all and also spot on flea treatment (Revolution)for puppies. Once we have a vet assessment done of the leg we will know exactly what is going on and what needs to be done.”

Belinda described the mother dog as sweet and even though she has been through trauma, remains trusting of humans. The rescue is thankful for all of the support from the community, but do stress the puppies are not available for adoption at this time.

Check out the little puppy with the bad leg. He isn’t let this bother him, however he is being treated.


Penalties for animal cruelty could end up in maximum fines of $22,000 or up to five years in prison.

Food, flea and wormer donations can be left at Pets Domain, Wodonga. Financial donations to help get this beautiful family fit and healthy again can be made through the rescue’s bank account (they are a registered charity with DGR status so all donations $2 and over are tax deductible).


Border Small Animal Rescue
BSB: 013920
Acc: 465536972
Ref: Operation Family

(Photos via Facebook Border Small Animal Rescue)

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  1. Humans are sometimes so despicable. I pray that by some chance they find who did this. I pray for healing for this pup and for a great home for all of them.

  2. ANYONE who treats an animal so cruelly deserves the worst punishment possible – forget jail, forget prosecution, just find this bastard and drive them out to the middle of the ocean and dump their useless ass overboard – they deserve no less. If not for a ranger these innocent animals would have died. THANKS TO Duty of Care for stepping up and giving this canine family the medical care they so desperately need.

  3. I agree with MARNI….. humans can be the worst abusers and offenders in the world. Humans are mean to be mean. Animals are only mean to survive and fend for themselves and or their babies.

  4. I hope you find who did this nd make them pay for all of the get care. Also I hope they go to Prison for a lot longer than 5 yrs.


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