Nobody wants bonded friends

Bonded friends just want to be loved, but nobody wants them

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A bonded pair of dogs, being held at a Texas animal shelter, want nothing more than to love and be loved. But, nobody seems to want them…despite their friendly demeanor. These adorable pups are being held at the Ft. Bend Animal Control agency in Rosenberg – they have been locked away for months, and nobody has expressed any interest in saving them.

Nobody wants bonded friends

In late January, the animal control agency wrote:

These two want nothing more then to have a nice home, and someone they can smother with kisses. They were found in Needville on 1/10. Both are listed as 3 years old and a Staffordshire/mix. They appear to be bonded, and once they realize you have toys, be prepared for lots of kisses. Come meet these two.
A014233 & A014234

Who could resist puppy kisses? Snuggles? Cuddles? Apparently most people…please help these beautiful dogs find a loving forever home by taking a moment to network their adoption information. Months have passed and it’s time for both dogs to leave.

Adoption information: Identification numbers – A014233 and A014234
Animal control phone# 281-342-1512
Animal control address 1210 Blume Rd, Rosenberg TX

Facebook thread here.

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13 replies
    • carrie ainsley says:

      Yes! You sound like me, I had 10 dogs but two senior Great Danes came through the local county kill shelter and when their time was up, I decided to give them a chance rather than know they were put down. So then there were 12. I know they won’t be with me long but they’ve been nothing but a joy to have around.

  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    Hopefully a RESCUE will do JUST THAT::: Get these 2 Lovely dogs the HELL OUT OF TEXAS so a CARING family will give them the LIFE they DESERVE TO HAVE!!! IT would BE a SHAME TO DESTROY them…. YET the HUMANE SOCIETY INTERNATIONAL is BRINGING almost 100 dogs from KOREA into the USA FOR ADOPTION!!!! THIS MAKES the NORMAL AND RATIONAL HUMAN BEING INTHIS COUNTRY “WNAT TO BARF IN A PAPER BAG>>>> total Bullshit when the dogs ALREADY HERE ARE being EUTHANIZED because THERE is NO ONE TO ADOPT THEM>>> just LIKE THESE TWO BEAUTIFUL PUPS!!!!

    • BritishBabe says:

      I agree! Although sad what is happening to the dogs in Korea, we have thousands of adoptable pit bulls (among others, pitties are the majority) that need help here. Stop importing animals … Let’s deal with the current population here.

  2. Ezgi Melody says:


  3. Star Shelley says:

    Sharing with much love and hope for a miracle for a rescue group or a loving human to give them a good home. Please help them


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