Blue Heeler ‘Ellie’ found two weeks after fatal car wreck killing 3 people

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In Cincinnati, Ohio, “Ellie” a Blue Heeler who had been missing for two weeks after having been involved in a fatal accident where three family members were killed on November 28, has been found.

According to WcpoNews, the terrible crash occurred on Bethel New Hope Road, claiming the lives of Cameron Moler, 10, his father Nicholas, 33, and Cameron’s great-grandfather, Robert, 83. Ellie was the only survivor, and it was assumed she had been injured and scared.

Cameron’s mother, Ashlee Bowman was desperate to find the dog, and volunteers from all over joined in the search. The Brown County Humane Society Shelter set humane traps using articles of clothing and food from the family to lure  the dog into the cage.

On Monday afternoon, Ellie was spotted. Although there had been numerous sightings of the dog close to where the crash happened, no one was able to pinpoint the dog’s location; that is until someone spotted her near a Dollar General store in Brown County.

“Ellie was spotted near Bethel High School and Dollar General. I’m a told a woman lured sweet Ellie with a McDonald’s cheeseburger,” Lauren Altino, a Fox reported tweeted.

Ellie was taken to the veterinarian’s office to be checked out and will be traveling home to Ashlee soon.

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So happy, just a week after being thrown away

Certainly this must be for me!

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  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    Thankfully Ellie was able to survive the horrible and deadly crash Leaving 3 generations of this family Dead!!! How Very Sad.. I hope Ellie will be able to help the family remaining in healing their broken hearts!!!!


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