Blind 12-year-old pit bull waited his whole life to be rescued

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A blind and homeless 12-year-old pit bull waited his whole life to be rescued, although he didn’t know it at the time. Somehow the pitbull and boxer mix was able to wander into a junkyard in the Los Angeles area and crawled underneath a dumpster where he was just so tired from years of neglect, he just couldn’t move anymore. Maybe he thought he would lie in that one spot until he died?

When an employee of the junkyard noticed him, she brought him food and water; it wasn’t hard to figure out the dog was blind, dehydrated, suffering from open skin lesions and in need of immediate medical care. Although the owner of the business wanted to call a public shelter, the woman convinced him to contact Hope for Paws.

Dubbed Duncan by his rescuers, the dog put up no fight as he was leashed and gently pulled out from beneath the dumpster. And willingly, Duncan allowed himself to be picked up, placed in the car and there – he placed his tired head on his rescuer’s lap until they arrived at the veterinarian hospital. Besides being completely blind, Duncan suffered from dementia, periodontal disease, corneal ulcers, two mass cell tumors and a skin infection. Duncan’s new life began – he had waited his whole life to be rescued.

Frosted Faces Foundation has since stepped up to help; the senior has adjusted to his new life and enjoys the kindness, hugs and even the laundry basket made to snuggle.

(Photos and video of 12-year-old pit bull courtesy of Hope for Paws)

Check out Duncan’s heartwarming rescue. To help Hope for Paws, please click here. To help Frosted Faces Foundation, please click here.

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  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    HUGE THANK YOU TO HOPE FOR PAWS – YOU saved Duncan’s life – he deserves a safe loving home and I hope there is some kindhearted person who is willing to give him one.

  2. Jennifer Johnson says:

    Both of these rescues are fantastic! I have contacted Frosted Faces. While they usually don’t adopt across the US, I have fallen in love with this baby’s face & story & contacted them to let them know I would love to be his forever home.

  3. vicki Hood says:

    Mast cell (not mass cell) most times can be cured. I want to share. Inexpensive relatively easy. Turmeric. 2 weeks and the bloodroots have died to the small tumors which turns first grey then black and disappears. Do not vaccinate. That’s where it came from in the first place. The auto-immune system was compromised with the poison in the vaccine causing the cancer tumors.

    Start 1st dose of turmeric with normal dosage. 2nd dose, same day. Increase multiple doses (each day) a little more until it causes upset stomach. Back off to a lesser dosage but still keep it above normal dosage. 2 -3 times a day. Within 2 weeks the bloodroots turn grey then black along with the small tumors. Back off some after tumors appear missing. treat for another 2 weeks. OOPs, Larger tumors hopefully have been surgically removed. I have been successful with this treatment and even accepted dogs from other states which i can’t do anymore. IT WORKS. Save a life. Bet it cures Duncan. Please keep me posted.

  4. Darla G says:

    I watched the entire video. The ending was worth watching the first part…..he was lying in a laundry basket full of clothes, at his foster home. Too cute!


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