Jail time for owners of barking dogs?

Barking dogs may lead to jail time in this Ohio town

Murderers, thieves, drug dealers and rapists make room…owners of barking dogs may soon be joining you in jail if officials in Akron, Ohio, get their way. According to Fox 8 News, some city council members are pushing for jail time for “repeat offenders” who own vocal dogs.

Current punishment

Right now, a dog owner will face fines for the misdemeanor charge that accompanies nuisance dog barking. But Councilman Russ Neal thinks that the punishment should be stronger and he is pushing to see repeated offenders behind bars.

He told the news agency:

“What we want to see is a stiffer penalty so that repeat offenders of the ordinance will think twice before allowing the dog to continue to disturb the neighborhood.”

Neal is pushing for a higher fine ($250) and up to 60 days in jail for people who continue to allow their dogs to bark. Neal isn’t alone – Safety committee chairman Donnie Kammer also thinks that the punishment for repeat offenders should be stiffer, and she has suggested fines upwards of $1000.


Neal has suggested that a volunteer group in the city could be formed to help educate dog owners and hopefully curtail the barking which is annoying to some residents.

What do you think? Should dog owners have to face fines and jail time for their dogs’ barking? If a dog can be heard barking from inside of a house while its owner is away, should that be a crime? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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