‘Barely alive’ Angel found lying on pile of beer cans

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Meet Angel; how anyone could be so heartless remains the unanswered question, but this sweet dog was discovered on Tuesday in a home located in Chickamuaga, Georgia. Police had been serving an unrelated warrant on someone in the home when they discovered the “barely alive” dog lying on a pile of beer cans.

Police rushed Angel to the nearest local animal shelter at which time Rescue Dogs Rock NYC were contacted to help.

“…Angel is cold to the touch and unable to walk, eat of drink,” co-founder of the rescue, Jackie O’Sullivan explained on an emergency post on the group’s Facebook page. “Angel has been rushed to the closest 24/7 ER vet which is in Chattanooga, Tennessee.”

Angel’s arrival at the emergency veterinarian hospital:


At this time, Angel’s photos are telling her story.

“It’s all we know now except it’s going to be a race against the clock to save Angel. We hope her name will give her the strength to survive,” Jackie added.

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Updates to follow.

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4 replies
  1. Pennysdachshunds says:

    These “Worthless Buzzard Vomit Regurgitation” can AFFORD Beer and the Riff-Raff that they are Watch as this helpless little dog Starves Right before their EYES!!! I for ONE think All involved in this Horrific Crime… Deserve Extensive Prison Time. ( of course they will never see the inside of a cell) Why Because Tennessee is Another Southern State with No Dignity and Compassion… What A Horrific Way to Die Right in Front of her Abusers….

  2. Adrienne says:

    Thanks to RDR of NYC and pray that they are not too late to save Angel. At this time of year when we are in the “holiday spirit” these animal abuses need to be made known even more so that we as a country deal with this maggots that feel they can do what they want to an animal and get away with it. Arrest and jail Angel’s owner and don’t give them any food/water. Let them die a slow death.


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